Ventus Navigation App

Ventus Navigation App

Ventus Navigation App. What are those devices seen on arms of Oracle’s crew during the Americas Cup? The arm band holds a device which shows important race data to the crew. Onboard software tracks all the key information and is wirelessly sent to device in the arm band.

Mike Jones Navigator and B & G guru uses Expedition software below deck and then has the key information uploaded to his iPhone using the Ventus app. The Ventus navigation app has several screens showing navigation data, like time and distance to lay line.

Ventus Navigation App
Ventus Navigation App

Expedition & Ventus app

Ventus app on iPhone

Expedition charting software is aimed directly at the performance sailboat market. The features of Expedition include downloadable GRIB files and the ability to plot the best course for the prevailing wind direction. Lots of racing sailboats use Expedition because of the ability to customize with the performance characteristics of your specific boat via Polar diagrams. This is the difference between regular charting software and expedition. Even cruisers can take advantage of Expeditions features but you will have to pay more than with cheaper software.

To use charting software you need a display and rugged PCs have been used as well as specialized tablets. Now however with the iPad or iPhone (with waterproof case) you can get all the functions of expedition with touch screen mobile use.

Ventus Navigator iPhone / iPad app for Expedition Navigation Software. It connects wirelessly to give you all the power of Expedition in a handheld device.

$100 for the app.

Manufacturers Description

Ventus Navigator gives you the complete wireless handheld solution for Expedition Navigation Software. Take full advantage of all the power built into Expedition wirelessly from anywhere on the boat. If you currently use Expedition, clearly the most powerful navigation and routing program on the market, or are considering moving to it, this is the must have addition.

Add a simple wireless router and you have the complete racing handheld app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. With Ventus Navigator you can display any of the data from your Expedition software anywhere you are, no need to buy and wire in more expensive displays. You can have different data displayed to your tactician, helmsman, trimmers, or at the Nav Station. Keep track of performance while below deck, even in your bunk.

Navigator comes loaded with a flexible starting timer that automatically switches over to page sets designed to get necessary data to your helmsman or tactician after the starting gun. The Timer can be set for 15, 10, 5, or 3 minutes sequences and set to a revolving sequence or to countdown/count up mode.

The Helm set displays Target Boat Speed and Boat Speed upwind then switches to Target Twa and Twa for downwind legs in a big two function display mode making it easy for the helmsman to see the data he needs. Both display a bar graph along the bottom of the page showing headers and lifts.

For the navigator, who has more time to look at data, the pre-start display shows the countdown time, time to the port end of the starting line, time to the starboard end, time to burn, and line bias. After the start it switches to course mode and displays time and distance to both laylines, heading, and COG. He can switch back and forth to the wind screen that shows Twd, Tws, Twa and Awa.

In addition to the pre-set pages you can easily configure and save your own custom pages to display any of the data that Expedition puts out.

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