Furlex roller furler

Furlex roller furler

Furlex roller furler is part of the Selden Brand. Made in Sweden with branches in Europe and the US, the Furlex has a Tack swivel with a free-turn which lets the sail firl from the middle first.

Furlex systems include;

Furlex 100s up to 30ft

Furlex 200S-500S For boats 30ft – 70 ft

Furlex 20S Free flying jibs on dinghies

Furlex 200TD-400TD

Thru deck furlers

Electric conversions

Furlex roller furler Genoa systems

Furlex roller furler
Furlex roller furler

200S Highest grade marine stainless steel feeder for improved durability and service life.

Tack swivel with “free turn” combined with the uniform profile of the forestay extrusion gives a perfectly furled sail and effective performance when reefed.

Unique line guide system controls and centers furling line and arranges it on the drum.

Furlex 200S – 500S (6 – 16 mm forestay) are available with an optional internal turnbuckle. The turnbuckle is completely built into the drum, to ensure that it does not affect either the dimensions of the forestay extrusion or the height of the drum above deck.

Furlex roller furler features  
Foils Aluminium Oval
Pros Has free turn tack swivel but it is not 360 degrees
Cons grease bearings
Warranty 5 years covers defect in design flaws or workmanship

Other Furlex Products

furlex through deck
furlex through deck


Furlex has thru deck furlers which provide very clean layouts especially if you have an anchor and need to work around the furling unit. The J/122 uses this thru deck unit. On the right you can see the Furlex electric unit

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