Harken Roller furlers

harken esp furler

Harken roller furlers are some of the most popular on the market. They offer great functionality at a medium price point. They maybe not as durable as some of the more expensive models but the give great value for money. being the most popular Furling system on the market and spares and service will be superior to other brands.

Harken roller furler models include

  • MKIII Cruising Jib
  • MKIV Hydraulic

    Harken ESP furler
    Harken ESP furler
  • Carbo racing foil
  • Small Boat Furler Description
  • Harken ESP
  • MkIV Harken roller furler
  • MKIV furler comes in two separate systems one for cruising and one for racing.

The MKIV furler is available in four sizes: Unit 0 (for boats 22-30 ft, 6.5-9.1m), Unit 1 (28-36 ft, 8.3-11m), Unit 2 (35-46 ft, 10.6-14.2m) and Unit 3 (45-60 ft, 13.7-18.3m). The aerodynamic foils double grooves and stainless steel feeder allow fast hoists, douses, and sail changes. A split drum and line guard comes off easily for use with full-hoist sails, making it ideal for club racing.

The image right shows the toggle at the bottom of the Harken MK IV furler. The pin holding the drum in place goes through the toggle. The pin has two options to allow for fore and aft and athwart ships chain plates. This feature allows for easy installation and maintenance.harken MKIV bottom attachment

MKIV furlers feature multiple rows of free-rolling Torlon® ball bearings in high-load areas, computer-designed stacked bearing races and large-diameter drums for smooth reefing and furling. A free-spinning, high-strength halyard swivel reduces weight aloft to minimize pitching and heeling. Independent head and tack swivels shape the sail when partially furled. The aluminum line guard, torque tube and swivels are deep-saturation Hardkote-anodized for strength and durability, with a black additive for no-fade UV-stabilization and corrosion protection

The Cruising furler has a single-groove, rounded foil, with an integral headsail feeder. The furler is available in two sizes: Unit 1 for boats 28-36ft (8.3-1m) and Unit 2 for boats 35-46ft (10.6-14.2m). The MKIV furler s ideal for the DIY boat Owner

The new MKIV furler system allows the furler to utilize the existing head stay. The turnbuckle is independent of the furler unlike the previous model, which makes adjustment easier.

The new furler has 3 rows of bearings an increase of 1 row on the previous model. This makes for the less friction for furling and with the slightly larger cage diameter you have a bit more purchase.

Harken MKIV  
Foils Aluminum round and airfoil shapes
Pros 100% tack swivel, which allows sail to furl in the middle first taking shape out of the sail
Cons The new MKIV is a good furler cleverly designed, however it uses less material than previous Harken furlers. This does make it lighter, but longevity may be an issue.
Warranty Seven (7) years from date of purchase. This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship.


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