Profurl Furlers

Profurl Furlers

Profurl Furlers systems include; basic system For boats 15-44 ft for coastal or mid range cruising Classic For boats 23-98 ft Elite system For boats 23-89 ft best of Profurl technology EC For boats 21-130 ft Ocean racing T26 For boats 16-23 ft Also motorized roller furling available;

Description; Profurl Classic cruising roller furlers

The solid one-piece connectors are designed and machined to lock in place and transmit all torque loads equally throughout the foil column. No torque loads are transmitted to the set screws. Small tolerances assure the alignment of the sail luff grooves.

Profurl Furlers
Profurl Furlers

The halyard swivel is permanently sealed and lubricated. This Profurl exclusive design feature ensures a life time of maintenance free and smooth furling even under severe loads in extreme conditions.

The Profurl Furlers drum is manufactured from unbreakable, unscratchable, UV resistant high impact plastic. It is open for easy furling line inspection. Its slippery surface and conical flanges also minimizes any jamming. The strong stainless steel guard arms keep the furling line in the drum, should the line become slack during sail reefing.

Hardened carbon steel bearings (100C6) are non-corrodable because they are permanently housed in a grease protected by special double lip seals which ensure water tightness to a depth of more than 5 meters. This technology guarantees maintenance-free operation under extreme loads. The drum mechanism is designed in a shape which will not chafe dock lines, mooring or anchor lines or running rigging.

Profurl features  
Foils Round and oval
Pros large well constructed drum & cage
Cons No tack swivel, carbon steel bearings which can rust when the bearing seal is broken, locktite screws past with kit is not enough.
Warranty Covered by a 5 year worldwide warranty.

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