Reckmann Roller furler systems


Reckmann Roller furler systems. Models include RC30/40 All carbon lightweight system with spilt drum for removal RS2000 Reckmann standard system RS3000 Lightweight version of the standard system with carbon foils Custom MaxJ Below deck version Custom RS2000 cz Code Zero Also they have Electric and Hydraulic versions

Reckmann Roller furler features

RS2000 Renowned and proven world-wide the Reckmann Furler reefing system has evolved to set a new benchmark in quality design along with first class workmanship using the very best materials available. Hence all axle elements as well as the drum guard and toggle are made with precisely specified stainless steel alloys. These combined with the high-strength bronze length adjuster mechanism and the light rigid plastic drum result in a highly functional and durable system, which is distinguished by good handling and top efficiency.

The Reckmann Series RS 2000, available in five system sizes, represents the third generation development of manual reefing systems for yachts of 30 to 90 foot in length. The one-piece aluminum extruded profiles feature higher torsion resistance combined with a weight saving of up to 25%. In designing this non-corrosive and virtually maintenance-free system particular emphasis was placed on simple assembly.reckman

Drum Axle The drum has an additional two sets of cylindrical roller bearings fitted to absorb radial loads and significantly reduce the reefing force required. This guarantees that the drum runs very smoothly, offering a maximum of safety when handling even under extreme loads.

Integrated Length Adjustment For the first time, a manual roller reefing system has been equipped with an internal adjusting mechanism, completely protecting the threads, which can be operated externally. The forestay length can be adjusted precisely and the mast and sails optimally trimmed. With the adjuster set to its maximum length, the RS2000 can be easily fitted on ships of every size without any disassembly required. Adjustments are possible with the sail furled or unfurled.

Halyard Swivel The stainless steel halyard swivel is equipped with three-part bearings and a free-moving device effective on two levels.

Section joints The development of optimal section joints has been achieved by means of stainless steel threaded plates. These are firmly secured using Tuff-Lock fittings without the need for any special preparation and regardless of climatic conditions. The split connectors are fitted one after the other onto the precision-manufactured rod and wire forestays during assembly of the profile. These connectors allow the stays to be pre-assembled, ready for fast and easy fitting of the system.

Tapered Spectra-Reef Lines Manufactured according to Reckmanns precise specifications, the Spectra tapered reef lines are very secure and stretch very little. Whilst the thin section forward allows for small drum diameters and therefore requires less force in the case of larger roll radiuses, the thicker end section distinguishes itself by offering outstanding grip.

Sail Feeder and Profile The stainless steel feeder can be easily and securely mounted onto the profile, over which the sail is uniformly furled. The slim stainless steel profile cup guarantees an exceptional shape to the reefed sail. The extremely torque-resistant single-piece profiles are simple and easy to mount. Their aerodynamic shape reduces wind resistance and allows the yacht to sail faster and point higher. Fitting the profile on plastic bearings protects the forestay and profile from mechanical damage and permits the system to turn freely under load.

Reckman features  
Foils Anodized aluminum oval section
Pros quality bearings materials, virtually maintenance free
Cons cost,

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