Rondal roller furler

Rondal Roller Furler

Rondal has been manufacturing hydraulically driven headsail furling units for over two decades. The Rondal roller furler designs have been changed, upgraded and improved as a result of client demands and experience. This is especially true for the larger sailing yachts, where increasing loads demand larger and more powerful furling units.Rondal Roller Furler

All Hydrofurls are built from marine grade stainless steel, the outside of which is polished to a high gloss. For mounting on deck, a custom toggle is supplied to fit the chainplate. In the unlikely event of hydraulic failure, manual backup is available in the form of the supplied ratchet winch handle. When unfurling the sail, the luff section turns clockwise (viewed from above); furling the sail, the luff section turns anti clockwise.

Rondal roller furler Features

– Direct hydraulic drive – Stainless steel custom toggle to fit chainplate – Manual back-up for emergencies – Easy maintenance through grease nipples – Ultra-reliable – Powerful

Rondal features  
Pros engineering
Cons cost and you need a big boat

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