Musto MPX Offshore Race Jacket

Musto MPX Offshore Race Jacket is a good jacket and Foul Weather gear for Offshore Sailing. For this you are going to want the best features and have the best gear to keep you warm and dry. The Musto range of Foul Weather gear is about as good as it gets for total comfort and protection. You will find their gear being used in the harshest conditions, such as the Volvo Round the World Race. Musto gear can be ideal for both Racers & Cruisers.

There are two main features to look for if you want the best foul weather gear and price isn’t necessarily one;

  • Material & Construction
  • Design and Features

Musto uses Gore-Tex fabric exclusively. Gore-Tex has been at the forefront of outdoor materials for may years now and is recognized for its waterproofness, breathability and Durability. Musto categorizes their serious gear; into two lines; the HPX Ocean range and the MPX Offshore range. Offshore I would image being within a few hours of land, while Ocean means being at sea for days on end.

The MPX range is similar to but less bulky than the HPX range and is designed for more performance sailors who need lighter weight and agility. There are two models in the MPX Offshore range of jackets; the standard version and the race version. The Offshore Jacket has a higher collar and extra pockets.

Musto has been at the leading edge of sailing performance and has developed design features which make the difference between being miserable and comfortable.

There are plenty of cheaper options than Musto and if the sailing conditions aren’t that bad, you may well be satisfied.

MPX Offshore Race jacket review

To evaluate the MPX Offshore Race jacket wet gave them to our tester Scott Gitchell who used them on a very Wet and Rainy Annapolis to Newport Race on a J/120. For almost 2 days a stationary front rolled back and forth across the race course, producing torrential rain and light winds. These conditions would test the waterproofness of the material and the design features aimed at keeping water out.


MPX Offshore Race jacket collar and rollaway hood
MPX Offshore Race jacket collar and rollaway hood

MPX Offshore Race jacket collar and rollaway hood

The MPX offshore Race line is lighter weight than the HPX line and to achieve that the collar is shorter and has fewer pockets. However the shorter collar still covers the neck very well. Scott thought the collar suited his needs better than the very tall collar of the Offshore Jacket, so it didn’t hamper visibility. For more performance you could choose one of the smock versions.

The collar has a Roll-away fluorescent hood with both width & height adjustment. Again Scott thought and given the extremely wet conditions that the hood performed very well.

The collar and hood both are fleece lined so it adds warmth plus wicks up any water that gets in. Scott did also have a neck towel which also helped.


MPX Offshore Race jacket cuff
MPX Offshore Race jacket cuff

MPX Offshore Race jacket cuff

This is one area which can make a big difference to comfort and dryness. Whether its green water or raining, water gets in everywhere and wicking up the arm is a favorite spot

Musto MPX jackets have double cuffs. The inner cuff is a light stretchy neoprene type material with a Velcro adjustment to seal your wrist and stops water wicking up you arm.

The outer cuff is made from the actual jacket material and stops green water coming in and also protects the inner cuff. The neoprene cuff is a good seal but is not that tough and needs protect against abrasion.

MPX Offshore Race jacket hand warmer fleece
MPX Offshore Race jacket hand warmer fleece

Outside Pockets

MPX Offshore Race jacket hand warmer fleece

One bad feature our guinea pig Scott discovered was the pockets on the outside are not waterproof. Musto does not claim they are, but its very convenient to put things in these pockets. In the very wet conditions these outer pockets were soaked as were the hand warmer pockets plus everything in them.

The Hand warmer pockets are lined with fleece to keep hands warm and dry, but once they were wet, they didn’t dry. For later back on shore the fleece can be pulled out to facilitate drying.

A feature Scott liked was the Lifejacket attachment points allow the lifejacket to be kept attached so even when taking the Musto jacket off, the life jacket was still attached


Overall Scott was very impressed with the MPX gear. The only drawback was everything he had in the outside pockets was soaked. However the main areas of concern re water getting in through the cuffs and neck worked out well which is the main thing.

Scott said he preferred the race version (the one he used) as he thought the very tall hood of the standard version was too tall and would hinder visibility. For more agile work like doing the bow he recommended one of the smock versions.


Manufacturers Comments MPX OFFSHORE

Benefiting from the research and development into HPX, MPX Offshore uses GORE-TEX® fabric and has been ergonomically designed for comfort and movement, with all the neccessary practical features for prolonged periods of offshore sailing.

Every fabric sourced, every construction technique used, every design detail added, has been specifically chosen to fit the brief. That’s why Musto is the no.1 choice for so many sailors who need kit that won’t let them down.


  • Meets the demands of outdoor professionals and serious enthusiasts • Engineered to excel in extended and extreme conditions • Extremely tough, extremely breathable, durably waterproof and windproof



GORE-TEX® PERFORMANCE SHELL Roll-away florescent hood with width, height & face adjustment Spume visor to protect face Fleece lined collar Articulated elbows & underarms Adjustable double cuff design giving virtual drysuit cuff protection Double storm flap with drainage channel covering 2-way zip Handwarmer chest pockets & inner security pocket Handwarmer pockets with pull out to dry fleece lining Large self-draining cargo pockets Adjustable hem tensioner Facility to zip in Middle Layer Waistcoat Facility to attach lifejacket Reflective piping Musto prismatic reflective strips

MPX range

  • MPX Offshore has higher collar than Offshore Race
  • MPX Offshore Jacket
  • MPX Offshore Race Jacket
  • MPX Offshore Race Smock
  • MPX Race Dry Smock
  • MPX Race Jacket
  • MPX Trousers
  • MPX Race Salopettes

Manufacturers Contact

Musto web site

Cost MPX Offshore Race Jacket; $670.00 or £450.00 in the UK