Holding Tank Filters

Holding Tank Filters in your holding tank vents will help diffuse the smells that inhabit the holding tank and escape through the vent. Some of you may have a filter in your holding tank vent line, many newer boats come with them. If you don’t you can easily retrofit one.

Sanigard filter is one such filter and the Vetus No Smell is another, with the Big orange filter being the latest.

Practical sailor has a good review of the Big Orange filter. They quote; “The Big Orange is the most expensive filter we tested. The big Orange also has the top features and lower long term operating costs”.

The reason is the Big Orange filter can be replaced for $25, while the saniguard filter replacement costs almost the same as the original product. The other feature of the Big Orange filter is the vacum break valve. The vacum valve is needed to protect the Tank in case of the Tank being overfilled and the filter getting plugged up. If the filter gets plugged up, air cannot get into the Tank when the tank is emptied. The holding tank can collapse when air is not able to get in.

Why use the Big orange filter

The Big Orange holding tank vent filter uses the same activated carbon pellet technology that is used in industrial exhaust scrubbers to eliminate the odour coming from your holding tank.

Big Orange boasts a large carbon pellet volume.

The Big Orange holding tank vent filter uses an easily refillable cartridge so you don’t need to buy a new filter every year.

  • Eliminates waste tank odor
  • Refillable filter design
  • Built in bypass valve – No tank collapse
  • No chemicals needed

Big Orange Holding Tank Vent Filter

Manufacturers Description

When the disposable filter on your boat stops working because all of the holes in the carbon pellets have been filled, you must go out and buy a whole new filter!

Instead, Big Orange OEM holding tank vent filter has been designed to have a refillable filter chamber. This means that when the carbon pellets have been all used up you only need to buy a refill pack (at a much lower price) and refill the filter.

Manufacturers Description

Direct Replacement for the Sealand SaniGard P/N 309310001

Big Orange OEM Filter is a reusable, more environmentally friendly, alternative to the disposable Sealand SaniGard filter that come as factory equipment on many newer boats. The Big Orange OEM Filter is a direct replacement, meaning that it fits in the same bracket and uses the same hose fittings as the Sealand P/N 309310001.

Manufacturers Contact

Big Orange Filter web site

Big Orange filter $145

Refil for above $25

Replacement for Sanigard filters $115