Button Soft Shackle

Button Shackle

Button Soft Shackle is the latest in Soft Shackle technology. There are quite a few soft shackles on the market. In the last 5 years we have seen developments in soft shackles from several manufacturers.

These soft shackles are no shrinking violets in fact they are stronger than metal shackles and they are lighter and wont hurt like metal if they hit you.

The latest in soft shackle evolution is the button shackle so named as it could be a button on your belt. Button Shackles although new to the retail market have been in use and tested on cruisers and racers for the last couple of years.

Examples include; Racers; J122, J110, TP52, GP42, Farr 40, Andrews 80, J70s and more Cruisers; Beneteau, Catalina, J42, J37, DuFour and Santa Cruz 52.

Button Soft Shackle Features

One of the ingenious aspects of the button shackle is its simplicity and there is no need for Velcro securing straps as with other soft shackles.

The braided Dyneema is formed into a loop passing through the two holes in the bottom. The line then passes through itself, before being spliced.

The point of the line passing through itself is to form a loop which can be synched down on the button alleviating any need for Velcro. So to close the shackle all you need is to push the button through the loop and then synch down on it.

Button Shackles are half the cost of other shackles.


Manufacturers description

Button Shackle being used to attach a block to a padye

We call our soft shackles “Button Shackles”, named after the button looking component. We have spent years testing and perfecting our soft shackles until they were as good and in some respects better than the best that were available.

They have been used on dinghy’s and boats all the way up to 100ft.

They are as strong and as reliable as the best soft shackle out there at ½ the cost.

Button Shackle Benefits

  • Light
  • Easy to button up
  • Reliable
  • No Velcro fastening
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Soft on deck



Button Shackle sizes and dimensions
Button Shackle sizes and dimensions




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Button Shackle sizes
Button Shackle sizes


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