Fresh Flush

Fresh Flush is a system which will help eliminate those nasty odors. It is well known in some circles that Marine sanitation devices (MSD) also called heads have odors that can come from several places. One of those is the raw water that sits in the inlet lines and hoses. Many boat owners choose to add chemical or change to fresh water systems. You can have pressurized fresh water, but will have to modify your existing head for the pressure. You cpould also change to a vacuum system. Here is an interesting alternative, the FreshFlush is a modification you can make to your existing head nad acts like an old fashioned household WC

Dimensions: 10″ Deep, 10″ Wide, 13″ High, 1 Gallon Static Compacity. Cost: $299.00

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Fresh Flush’s Description


Odors can ferment in your marine head when using raw water to flush the head. The combination of waste and the contaminants contained in seawater, in a hot, unventilated, small area, produce significant odors. Its not your fault; the system was designed that way…..


The FreshFlush is NOT an additive, not a “downstream treatment.” Eliminate the contaminants in sea water; ELIMINATE THE ODORS. Adapt the flush from raw to fresh water easily, quickly, and effectively WITHOUT re-plumbing your entire supply (MSD) system. Retrofit a FreshFlush unit, mount it anywhere adjacent to your head, tap into an existing fresh water supply (vanity, shower, tub), and the odor problem is minimized/eliminated. There is no need to install “fresh water” marine sanitation device, add chemicals, etc. Dockside, you’re tapped into the unlimited municipal fresh water supply; underway, the FreshFlush supplies fresh water from onboard tankage–your MSD system design determines usage, and the FreshFlush supplies un-pressurized, backflow protected, automatically refilled, FRESH WATER!!!!

The FreshFlush acts as a remote, unpressurized, backflow controlled, fresh water toilet tank.