Head treatment

Head treatment is the function of removing unsaintly odors from the Boats head system. For any boat with a head, its important to have the right procedures in place to stop the head from overwhelming the interior with bad smells. To help keep a head system fresh there are several target areas to look at. The bowl itself, the Hoses and Pipes, and the holding tank and vent lines.

If we look at the holding tank there are chemical that you can add, but what do they do? We and many other have looked to Peggy Hall (the Headmistress) for answers to this question, see comments below.

The biggest issue with holding tanks is the lack of oxygen. It’s the bacteria that live in oxygen starved water that cause those foul smells. If your looking for a chemical to add to the holding tank, Odorlos is a chemical that deals with the lack of oxygen. Odorlos and similar products supply the oxygen to eliminate odors.

Good Holding Tank ventilation could also do the job. Groco’s Sweettank is an electrical system that Introduces oxygen into the holding tank.

Odorlos Tank Treatment

Manufacturers description

For safe, long-lasting, consistent control of holding tank odor

  • Eliminates holding tank odors
  • Breaks down all waste and tissue
  • Lubricates valves
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Formaldehyde free, non-toxic
  • Scent/fragrance free
  • Effective even in extreme temperatures
  • Available in dry & liquid formulas
  • Easy & convenient to use
  • Safe & nature-friendly
  • Accepted by all campgrounds

Odorlos How it works

Manufacturers description

Odorlos prevents the rotten egg smell!

Developed by Yara in Scandinavia, Odorlos uses a sophisticated natural technology that is both exceptionally effective and good for the environment.

Backed by a century of experience in industrial nitrogen applications, Yara uses its knowledge to offer complete solutions in the prevention of hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), which develops in your holding tank.

Safe for any septic tank system, Odorlos’ powerful formulation comes in liquid and dry forms and is proven to provide fast and complete odor control.

The naturally occurring bacteria in your holding tank are living organisms that need oxygen to survive and break down tank waste. When the purest—and most easily consumed—oxygen (O2) is eaten up, bacteria start feeding on sulfate (SO4), which produces hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), that all-too-familiar and unpleasant “rotten egg” odor that no one wants to smell.

When added to a holding tank, Odorlos provides the naturally occurring bacteria the best alternative energy source to pure oxygen and eliminates the need for bacteria to target sulfate for energy. The result? Absolutely No Holding Tank Odors!

And if you’ve started off with the wrong product, no worries; Odorlos will remove any odor-causing components and prevent the production of any new odor-causing elements.


Synopsis from Peggy Hall on SailboatOwners forum;

“K.O. is live bacteria that needs a good supply of oxygen from an external source (vent line) to function aerobically. The active ingredient in Odorlos is nitrates, which encourages an aerobic condition in the tank by promoting oxygen release from organic matter (in a holding tank that means the waste itself)”.

“Because K.O. is a bio-active (live bacteria) product, it’s “self renewing”…the li’l buggers don’t wear out, they multiply…so you shouldn’t have to add between pumpouts. Odorlos, otoh, does exhaust itself, requiring a new dose at least every 5 days or even more often in especially hot weather.”

“So while I especially like K.O. because I developed it…it was the very first bio-active tank product, I’m a realist…not all tanks get enough oxygen from the vent to let it work. So when I don’t think it can, I go with Odorlos.”

K.O. and Odorlos are the ONLY products I like, btw…they’re both 100% enviro-friendly and where one can’t work the other usually can.


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Raritan KO

Odorlos web site

Peggie Hall-HeadMistress’s