Mini B shallow water diving

Mini B shallow water diving apparatus is more convenient than traditional scuba gear, ideal for checking underwater maintenance. Mini B is essentially a Scuba diving kit in a backpack. The kit include a backpack and 5ltr bottle worn around the waist. 30 minutes of underwater activity or 1hr with the 10l bottle. Approx half price conventional gear and less bulky, UK based. Mini B C-Pro is aimed at yachtsmen.

The essence of the kit is in its packaging. The C-Pro rucksack contains the lot – air bottle, buoyancy control device, regulator, high and low pressure hoses and the connectors. These scuba kits do not have depth gauges and are only intended for shallow diving. The buoyancy control device (BCD), is an important piece of safety kit, without which the weight of the other gear could pull you under.

Tank sizes vary from 5Ltr -12Ltr. The 5 litre tank, which should be good for 30-40 minutes in shallow water. The kit weighs around 25lbs much lighter than conventional scuba gear. Its compact size makes it easier to stow on a boat, but like any dive gear it still needs to be stowed properly.

To get training in the use of the Mini B go to ” State of the art scuba training at ” This training program for the Mini B has a home study section, which includes reading the manual and watching the DVD. You then answer the questions in the test. Next, you locate a dive center where you can have your test marked. Last is in the water instruction. Step three includes three 20 minute dives in open water under supervision of the dive instructor. Mini B supplies the documentation for the instructor.

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Mini B’s Description

Mini B C-Pro Standard

Designed with Boat and Yacht owners in mind, the C PRO system is the perfect tool for getting you below the water line so that you can clear a propeller, check mooring lines or scrape your hull.

The C PRO unit is an ideal safety product for man overboard scenarios, supplying both breathing air and flotation on the surface. It supplies ample air for standard sorties. The air cell provides buoyancy control on the surface and underwater.

Its unique, one size fits all harness, ensures that the unit can be worn in comfort, what ever the users size. Its compact dimensions allow easy stowage where space is at premium.

The C-Pro is supplied complete with:

  1. FEATURES: •C-Pro Rucksack
  2. C-Pro Backboard
  3. Black Air Cell Power Inflator
  4. 37cm Air Hose
  5. 75cm Air Hose
  6. Twin Manifold
  7. 3, 4.4 or 5 Ltr steel Cylinder
  8. 7cm DIN International Cylinder Valve
  9. Quality Regulator
  10. Air Pressure Gauge



  1. FEA One size fits all harness is used to ensure correct fit and comfort for all sizes of people ATURES:
  2. The C-Pro features a horizintally mounted scuba cylinder to avoid cylinder roll and backache
  3. Pouches are fitted internally for use with trim weights
  4. The front panel can be completely removed allowing easy access to the internal components
  5. After use, all components are stored safely within the rucksack to aid stowage and transportation
  6. Size: (H) 52cm – (W) 50cm – (D) 17cm
  7. Weight: 12.74 KG