Boating Flashlights

Boating Flashlights. Here we give you a sample of flashlights on the market. Each has its own uniqueness. Some are just the best flashlights, while some aslo Glow, some do not need batteries and some float and some do everything even a fire alarm.

GloTorch Explorer

Some of the features of the Explorer. Waterproof , Xenon bulb, 8 hour glow, floats beam upright , batteries. This flashlight is ideal in a nighttime MOB emergency. If you throw the light toward the MOB it can be a reference point. The light floats with its beam shining into the sky and can be seen by the MOB and the rescue boat. Both migrate toward the light as a central point. This light could be kept on a rail mount for quick deployment.

X2 marine torch

The X2 is a little flashlight that has been developed in conjunction with and used by Azzam the Volvo 70 in the Volvo round the world race. The new Exposure Marine X2 is a compact, lightweight, rechargeable light, which combines an intense, high-power searchlight with white and red beam modes, together with economy and low beam options for working on deck. For sailing at night the red beam options help protect your night vision from glare when on deck and below.

The X2 light is intended also for MOB search situations. With up to 70 hours burn time, the X2 waterproof, aluminium anodized casing, and features a strobe and SOS flash option. If dropped overboard or attached to a MOB the casing floats beam to the surface

The X2 was developed with Ian Walker, skipper of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing Team, Volvo Ocean Race 2011/12 says

The Exposure Marine torches were absolutely brilliant during the Volvo Ocean Race, especially when Azzam lost her rig on Leg 1. Under the red lights, the crew could work fast without having to worry if they shone the torch in someones face, and we were able to retrieve her rig quickly back on board, which saved the boat from further risk of damage.”

Red LED GloTorch

A red night-vision saving torch that glows in the dark!

Here the body of the flashlight or torch glows. The diagram here explains. The red LED will burn for days continuously on a single set of batteries – but the body of the torch also glows in the dark without batteries.

Imagine you cannot find the flashlight in the dark. You need a flashlight to find the one your looking for. Here is another photo luminescent light from Pelican


The Great Land Laser

The Great Land laser is a rescue device. Point it at an SAR (search & rescue) aircraft it can be seen for 22 miles.

review at equipped to survive

Daytime / nighttime signaling, 5 hours before changing battery, Waterproof to 80 feet Designed for maritime environment Long life green laser diode – 5,000 hours CR123 Lithium Battery

$250 expensive, but nothing else will do.

Sherpa from Free Play Energy

Apart for being a great backup light in case of emergency. I found this little bit of information on the Free play web site.” Every year, more than two billion non-rechargeable batteries are disposed of improperly. Comprised of heavy metals, such as alkaline, mercury, nickel cadmium and lead, batteries end up in landfills and incinerators that impact the environment, which may cause health risks to humans and animals.” Another reason to buy one.

Also see FreePlays battery free radios.

Adventure Lights Light

VIP Safety & Signal

Visible over 3 miles, this wide viewing angle emergency light has been put to hundreds of uses by our military, police and search and rescue teams. Tested in deserts, the arctic, the stratosphere and hundreds of feet below the sea, the VIP has proven to hold up to the demands of extreme environmental conditions. It is the only light that is a flashlight, emergency flasher and S.O.S. survival beacon all in one package.

Sold through outdoor retail outlets.

Nightstar Flashlight

NightStar is an extremely reliable light source that will function after years of storage and exposure to environmental extremes. The simple design uses a highly efficient renewable energy source to power a high-brightness LED. Simply shaking the NightStar for 30 seconds will provide over 15 minutes of light! NightStar is also the only flashlight that performs without fail under the extreme conditions of desert heat, polar cold, or submerged to depths exceeding 400 feet. Battery-powered flashlights just do not tolerate environmental extremes like NightStar.


SOS alarm

This dual purpose flashlight has two extra features.

SOS alarm; In the event that you find yourself in a position where you need to alert others, simply push the two buttons on FlareSafe.

The piercing 110dB alarm will sound, and at the same time the torch light will start flashing as this provides an audible and visual sign of distress. Smoke alarm; FlareSafe uses a specially-designed optical system to look for smoke. The smoke detector works when you arm the unit.

Premier Light

Combination flashlight and compass.

Premier Light

This torch is tough. Waterproof, crush resistant, corrosion resistant and with not one but five bright white LEDs working to provide you with a mammoth amount of flawless illumination, this torch is so tough it belongs on the set of an action movie. With a liquid filled compass in the tailcap and built in emergency SOS signaling it will be your best friend whenever you feel like indulging your wild side and going in search of adventure.

Apogee Headlamps

Head lamp LED flashlight model ZLHL389E with Krypton bulb has 3 modes of operation, making it the ideal flashlight for short or long range illumination. Krypton bulb for long range.

Head lamp is a perfect flashlight on the job for hands free inspection work. Head lamp flashlight operates in 3 modes. 1 LED, 3 LED’s, or the Krypton bulb provide the amount of light you need and allows you to manage the power consumption. Adjustable light beam brightness and focus.

petzl is also well known for headlamps

Kroma K2

The Kroma K2 was rated the highest by

Compact (palm size) high-intensity, selectable-output, multi-spectrum LED flashlight for tactical, self-defense, recreational, and general use. The Kroma’s virtually indestructible primary light-emitting diode (LED) provides two output levels of white light: a long-running low beam and a brilliant tactical-level high beam with over three times the light of a larger two-D-cell flashlight enough light to temporarily blind an assailant.

Pak-Lite 9V Light

This nifty invention is small and fits on the end of a 9V battery.

It has a read and green light. can be used as emergency running lights.


No batteries needed

A proven necessity for hurricane preparedness and for any backup when power is a problem.

Just turn on the power button and turn the handle.

Tool Logic

The new SL Pro Series offers tough steel construction and interchangeable components. Available in handsome bead blast finish or black Titanium coat*

Other add-ons include emergency whistle.