Outboard Motor Hoist

Outboard Motor Hoist from Easy Lift. Outboards lifts as the name implies lift outboard engines up and down so they can be attached to a dinghy. Often they are on a tall swivel arm that projects out to get the engine away from the hull side. Otherwise you have to hold the engine away from the boat so it lines up with the transom of the dinghy. One issue with these type of lifts is the engine is hanging from the line and the engine can swing around.

The Easy Lift Outboard Motor Hoist is a different approach to the lift. With its stainless frame and hinge bracket the engine is swung out away from


the boat. The engine is held in the right height away from the boat so you can pull the dinghy transom to it.


One advantage of this design is that the engine is held fairly steady in its lowered position. This enables you to pull the transom of the dinghy under the engine without the whole arrangement swinging around. Maybe this is a bit more stable.

Easy-Lift™ Swing 30 & Swing 50 Manufacturers description

The Easy-Lift Swing 30 and Swing 50 hoists / lifting davits, incorporate a permanent outboard storage bracket and hoist system, in one combined single unit.

Once the outboard motor is in place on its bracket, no more manual lifting is needed, either to move it from the bracket or to get it on or off your dinghy . . EVER !

Raise and lower the engine using your boat’s own winches or choose a pulley system to do the job where no winch is available, for example on a motor yacht or cruiser.

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Easy Lift Outboard Hoist