8LV 320370 marine diesel engine

8LV 320/370 marine diesel engine from Yanmar Marine. Earlier this year Yanmar known for its high-revving lightweight engines, unveiled its twin turbocharged V-8 diesel in two ” Tier 111 ” compliant models, the 8LV320 and 8LV370 the next-generation, electronic successor to its long-running 315-hp 6LPA-STP2 mechanical diesel. The Yanmar engine coupled with stern drives, it can be used for everything from ski boats to cruisers

With twin turbochargers and direct fuel injection, this new V-8 meets EPA Tier 3 emissions standards, while providing quiet, clean power with only a 93-pound increase in weight. The 8LV can be programmed to put out either 320 or 370 hp, and fits into virtually any engine space formerly occupied by a 315 or another brand of 6-cylinder engine of comparable horsepower.

The 8LV engine for stern drive applications is packaged with the ZT370 twin-prop drive. Yanmar stays true to its low-weight, high-output tradition with the engine, which weighs 450 kilograms and revs up to 3800 rpm, producing up to 370 metric horsepower.

The engine uses Yanmar’s CAN-bus control system for plug-and-play-type installations, making it a great candidate for repower projects.

Yanmar Marine’s Description

You will be astonished by the acceleration, top speed and fuel economy of Yanmars twin-turbo 8LV320 and 8LV370 diesel engine. You will be just as impressed by the amazingly low noise levels and the smooth ride. Add in all of those renowned yanmar qualities of performance, reliability, durability and respect for nature and you have an engine that pushes marine standards to a new high.

  1. Horsepower: 320/370 @ 3800 rpm
  2. Cylinders: V8 (90 degrees)
  3. Displacement: 4.46 liters
  4. Alternator: 180 amp.
  5. Aspiration: Twin turbochargers
  6. Combustion: Direct injection, common rail
  7. Environmental Rating: EPA Tier 3
  8. Weight: 992 lbs.

Base prices:

  1. 8LV320: $38,245
  2. 8LV370: $40,189