Dutchman SailCase

For those at the Annapolis Sail Boat show, some may have seen the Dutchman sail handing system being demonstrated by Inventor Martin Van Breems.

Now Van Breems has addressed another issue with mainsails and that’s the sail cover. The cover needs to be laid over the main but can be quite high up making it difficult to reach. Many have steps on the mast to help, but still the cover can be awkward to put on.

Many are familiar with the Doyle Stackpack which addresses some of the issues; it covers the sail, but you still need to get up and zipper the cover shut.

The Dutchman SailCase takes some of the elements of a Stackpack, but in this case the sides of the main cover are supported at the top end by alloy tubes. The boom has a reverse vang which is attached to the tube. The SailCase is closed by a line negating the need to reach up above the boom.

The SailCase is used with a Dutchman flaking system. So when dropped the Dutchman lines keep the main sail inside the cover.

This system does not need anyone touching the cover, and you don’t need someone climbing up steps to get to a mainsail cover. Martin is testing this over the winter on his Hanse 40 and the system will be available next year. Stay Tuned.



Manufacturers Description

A retrofitable system that solves mainsail handling problems once and for all. With SailCase R your existing boom is mounted low on the mast, as on an “Open” Ocean racing yacht with a reverse vang. This provides space above the boom for the sail to collectin a special cover and makes it easy to reach. The tope edge of the cover terminates in an upper boom which incorporates an advanced single line reefing system. Simply raise the main to get away, no zippers or covers to undo. When you are done release the vang and mainsheet, tension the topping lift, drop your main.