Flip Box Cooler

Flip Box Cooler a great idea for boaters. One thing with most boaters is they like to eat and drink. For storage of drinks and food we often use coolers, but they can take up a lots of spacer. For storage sometimes a large Igloo type cooler works well, other times a soft pack cooler works well and other times your boat has a fridge and oven onboard.

One useful additional item for a boat is the folding Flip Box cooler. This small cooler folds flat and can be stored without taking up much space. With the Flip Box you can carry warm or cold food stuffs to your boat, keep them at temperature, load them into the boat and then fold the cooler so it can be stored without taking up lots of space.


First impressions

The design is very simple. each side hinges around the base. The top folds open, then the short sides fold down and then the long sides fold down. You end up with a much smaller shape and size which can easily be stored without using too much space. The sides are insulated and made from Neopolen P, whatever that is.

The cooling will not last for days, but is good for transporting food to and from a boat and then transfer the food or drinks to the boats fridge, cooler or oven. If you need a cooler that will keep drinks cold for the longest time possible you will need a solid cooler with thick insulation. But these are large and occupy lots of space.

Features Full size; 18.5 x 10 x 16.5 inches, Folded same base but under 4 inches tall Capacity 26 quart or 45 soda cans

Benefits large Storage Small Storage folded Construction is tough see the video, Clean dishwashable Simple to fold Cheap $30 for this size

Negative Lack of proper handles Not as effective as solid coolers

Super light-weight & collapsible so you can take them anywhere!

Flip-Box Cooler Manufacturers comments

Introducing the ultimate in cooler performance, the Flip-Box. It keeps beverages cold for up to six hours without ice* and is also ideal for hot foods, retaining heat for hours at a time.

Keep your groceries cold while out running errands or load up hot foods for the football game. When you’re done, flip it down for compact storage, or disassemble for the dishwasher. The ultra-durable, industrial-strength material ensures you’re going to love the Flip-Box for years to come.

Flip-Box Cooler
Flip-Box Cooler



There are several alternatives for coolers that take up little space, like soft pack coolers or the Kelty folding cooler.

Soft pack coolers are portable but have canvas sides and bottom with built in insulation. They can squash into a smaller space of needed like this ne from L.L.Bean.

The Kelty folding cooler has a solid top and bottom like the flip box, but with soft canvas sides.