Folding RIB

Folding RIB. RIBs have several advantages over an inflatable dinghies and performance and handling are the best. However one downfall with a RIB is they take up more space on deck so stowage is an issue. That’s why you see more inflatables as tenders to medium sized boats.

To learn more about pros and cons of inflatables and RIB’s; read this article on choosing an inflatable.

As an answer to the storage issue the folding RIB was created. These Folding RIBs have 3-section articulated folding rigid hulls. see the video below of the 360. The hull sections have interlocking tabs and slots, held together by the tubes. Once assembled it’s difficult to tell the RIB is folding.

This makes them much easier to transport and store – taking little more space than an inflatable whilst retaining the performance, and stability advantages of a conventional RIB.

WinBoat has four size of foldable RIB’s, 275, 330, 360, 375 and 460, which will fit in the back of a decent sized car or on a small deck, This would not be possible with a conventional hard-bottomed RIB.

Winboat Folding RIB Manufacturers Comments


Compact Foldable RIB WinBoat 275RF SPRINT (9 feet in length)

Compact foldable inflatable motorboat with rigid fiberglass hull (Foldable RIB)

The most notable advantages:

Compact in size when folded: 2’10″x3’x1’6”/0.85×0.9×0.4m (boat only)

Convenient solution when storage size does matter. Excellent for the sophisticated urban consumer, city, apartment or condo dweller as well as a tender dingy for the modern boater. Easily stowed in boat compartment, apartment closet, garage or balcony.

Assembles and disassembles in minutes with a minimal amount of effort.

Weighing just 79 pounds/36 kg capable of carrying four adults.

The properties of a rigid hull are stable and seaworthy. The inflatable high density PVC or Hypalon (optional) collar with three separate internal chambers allows the vessel to maintain buoyancy even if a large quantity of water is shipped aboard due to bad sea conditions.



Length 2750 Width 1600 Depth, mm 450 Cockpit Length, mm 1900 Cockpit Width, mm 800 Dry weight, kg 36kg The diameter of the cylinder, mm 400 Maximum power PM, hp 15 Power PM recommended hp 5-10 Passenger capacity. 3 Payload, kg 300 Shipping Dimensions 80x80x35cm

Winboat Folding RIB

WinBoat™ – this trademark combines a group of companies specializing in Research and Development, Manufacturing and Marketing of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs). Rigid Inflatable Boat is a light-weight but high-performance and high-capacity boat constructed with a solid, shaped hull and flexible tubes at the gunwale. Throughout the World, Rigid Inflatables are considered to be the safest and most reliable seaworthy vessels. They are widely used by Coast Guards, Rescue Teams and Special Forces, as well as recreational users all over the Globe. RIBs, developed, manufactured and tested by our team of specialists, are unique by it’s patented design and manufacturing technology, mostly notable for our line of Foldable Rigid Inflatable Boats including our 15’ Foldable Sailboat. Our specialists’ level of expertise in this field is second to none. Creation, from blue prints to custom molds to rigorous testing, is performed by our R&D team. Production team consists of two divisions:

In-house manufacturing of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and Hypalon tubes and collars

Plastic Works division with modeling, formation and fiberglass (also called glass-reinforced plastic or GRP) rigid hull fabrication departments. In all our products, we use German made PVC from HEYTex and MEHLER or Orca Hypalon from PENNEL & FLIPO, France.