Hybrid powered diesel electric system

Hybrid powered diesel electric system from Steyr Motors. This diesel electric hybrid launched in January and now available through Chris Craft USA can cruise at 5 knots in electric mode only. The California Chris Craft site has a video showing the boat pulling away from the dock silently in electric mode.

Once in open water and your ready to plane, the electric and diesel combines for fast acceleration and quick to plane. Steyr claims reduced fuel consumption. The battery is recharged while the diesel is running so you can return to the dock in complete silence.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) named the marine equipment innovation winners at the International BoatBuilders Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) in Miami. Steyr Motors took home the award this year in the Inboard Engines category for its Hybrid Drive. The company, known for its low emission, lightweight marine diesel engines, created an environmentally-friendly hybrid solution that not only promises zero emission and low speed maneuvering, but also eliminates the need for separate generator units for additional inboard equipment.

“Steyr combined both a motor and generator function in one hybrid unit, thereby making diesel operation more efficient and totally electrical operation possible in a seamless transition, in a single unit,” says Pike.

” IBEX awards press release ”

Another award for the engine

STEYR MOTORS GmbH Wins DAME Award 2008 Bill Dixon, Chairman of the Jury of the DAME, presented the Award to the winner of the prestigious prize at the start of METS this morning to Steyr Motors GmbH for their hybrid propulsion system, which allows a yacht to operate in any of four modes.

The engine itself can be used to start the engine, eliminating the need for a starter motor. The engine can also be used as a generator to charge the vessel’s batteries. It can be used as well to leave a harbour in the cruise mode under electric power at speeds up to 5 knots. And finally, the engine can be used in the “boost” mode in situations where additional power is required to get the boat onto a plane. The best part of this product is that the additional generator/motor adds only 100 mm (4.2 inches) to the overall length of the engine and an additional 75 kg (165.4 pounds) of weight, yet it produces an output of 7kW at 48 volts. The electric control unit uses CAN bus protocol to monitor and regulate the engine in each mode, thus allowing it to be linked to other “smart” engine controls.

” DAME award Winners 2008 at METS trade show ” .

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Steyr Motors’s Description

Frauscher Bootswerft and Steyr Motors (www.steyr-motors.com) proudly present the worldwide first serial Hybrid Propulsion System for pleasure boats at the boot Düsseldorf in January 2008.

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Intended initially for displacement craft between 1.5 and 20 tonnes using Steyrs own diesels of between 55hp-285hp, DEHS interposes a 48V motor generator between the engine block and the gearbox. This provides three propulsion modes: plain diesel; pure electric, and boost- during which both the diesel engine and the electric motor drive the propeller – normally for short periods of acceleration. Whenever the main engine is running the generator charges the battery bank. It is also used to start the main engine, eliminating the need for a separate starter motor.

The electrical power source is a 48V bank of lead acid or lithium ion batteries of up to 70 amp hours. Steyr sees a wide variety of applications for its hybrid system, from auxiliary power for sailing yachts to canal cruisers to work boats which need to loiter between jobs to nature watching vessels and even government agency craft requiring a stealth mode of operation.

Sales manager Hubert Boxleitner said, “During this undoubtedly difficult time for the recreational industry in general, new and exciting products are more important than ever. Our Diesel Electric Hybrid System offers new possibilities for a wide range of boats and addresses some of the environmental concerns that the industry is keen to address.