Jet Thruster

Jet Thruster is seen here on this MasterCraft X-30. Do you need more control and maneuverability? Having a hard time making tight turns? Then add a Bow and Stern thruster.

But what if you don’t have room for a tunnel installation? Well you can consider the water Jet Thruster. A few years ago Jet Thruster was an interesting concept, but now we see more boats including the Mastercraft (seen right with the jet wash) taking advantage of water jets.

One large benefit of the water Jet Thruster is the Installation, which does not require a large diameter tube cut into the hull. In fact many shallow draft craft couldn’t accommodate a thruster tunnel

The Mastercraft right uses the JT-30 which needs just a small dia 1 1/4 inch dia hole, with a special fitting to make the jet flow horizontal. The inlet is a 3 1/2 inch hole.

Jet Thruster System

This Jet Thruster System has been developed over many years and now is available in the US. Instead of a tunnel and propeller the Jet Thruster uses water pressure.

The jet thruster system does not need large holes cut into the boat, but relies on small jet nozzles mounted in the hull. This is a big advantage over tunnel thrusters as a small hole is easily added without structural and cosmetic considerations.

How It Works; The Jet Thruster pulls water from the sea and then an electrically driven pump drives water to jet nozzles mounted just below the waterline in the bow and/or stern. The smaller jet thruster pushes 66lbs of water thrust, while the larger unit pushes 198lbs.

Holland Marine Parts introduces the jet thruster system to the US. The diagram and pictures shows just the bow jet thruster.

The flexibility of installation means you can combine a stern thruster and bow thruster for maximum effect or just the bow nozzles. See the video below to see how well it operates.


Holland Marine Parts’s Description

The use of bow or stern thrusters has made maneuvering vessels, large or small, much easier. This is the reason these thrusters have been seeing much wider application over the past years. There are a few disadvantages to the system as well, however. The Jet Thruster, manufactured by Holland Marine Parts, eliminates those disadvantages.

The operation of the Jet Thruster is based on the sucking in of outside water. It is subsequently expelled through nozzles in the bow and/or stern side. To this end the Jet Thruster has been fitted with a powerful centrifugal pump, a three-way valve and electrical controls. Because the Jet Thruster does not use a propeller, no disturbing cavitation sound is produced.

The Jet Thruster does not require a tunnel tube, and the orifices, being only 60 mm in diameter, are very limited in size. This is why the Jet Thruster can also be used in vessels where placement of a bow or stern thruster is impossible. Moreover, the nozzles can be placed on the far ends, improving effectiveness and maneuverability.

The Jet Thruster is an innovative thruster, suitable for installation in all types of vessel plating. The relatively simple installation can be carried out by every shipyard, and is usually faster than the installation of a tunnel thruster!

A propeller system has multiple moving parts, including the propeller itself. This makes the system more vulnerable. This is not an issue with the Jet Thruster. The Jet Thruster and all of its parts are manufactured from high-quality, sea water-resistant material. The Jet Thruster is basically maintenance-free, but you do need to expel the water present in the system before frost sets in, just to be sure. This is a very easy and fast procedure.

On this website you will find everything you need to know about the Jet Thruster. For instance, by entering the measurements of your vessel you can select the matching type of Jet Thruster. For every system all technical specifications are displayed. Ask your local dealer about the Jet Thruster or choose a point of sale through our website.

Pros & Cons

Advantages Quiet system. No cavitation. Small holes No vulnerable Propeller. Flexible installation.

Disadvantages Fairly Complex installation Battery Bank

Jet Thruster JT30 in Classic Riva Ariston

Manufacturers Comments

Classic Riva Ariston

Installed JT30 Combi thruster

In April 2013 our Dutch Distributor Karyvo Nautische Dienstverlening performed the installation of a Jet Thruster JT30 Combi in a 50 year old, beautiful wooden classic: Riva Ariston. The installation and positive feedback reflects the unique quality and features of the DC Powered Jet Thruster system.

Wooden Classics with shallow draft can have our versatile Thruster system installed in two days. The Jet Thruster enables the most flexible way to dock and maneuver this single prop performance classic.

Feedback from our German customer: Karyvo delivered excellent work, great team, precise, clean work, reliable, friendly, polite, and flexible. I can issue only the very best testimony. Also the Jet Thruster functions excellent. At school in Germany we say : A+ !!!

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