Trapeze Key Hole System

Murrays trapeze key hole system. This trapeze system uses a key ball to connect the trapeze wire to the harness. Hence there are no hooks that have the ability to clip onto a wire or shroud during a capsize or accident.

The key hole system looks just like the system designed by Julian Bethwaite, so I am not sure which came first. But you can get this neat and safe system from Murrays at $99.00 and $27 for a pair of the key ball connectors

It remains to be seen if ISAF ever introduces the rule and make it mandatory for quick release hooks. Rule 40.2 A trapeze or hiking harness shall have a device that can quickly release the competitor from the boat at any time while in use. The key hole system is a flush system and so should comply to the rule if its enforced.

Murrays’s Description

The safety-minded Key-Hole system offers many advantages over the traditional hook design. Its low profile design is less likely to get hooked unintentionally and the system will stay hooked until purposefully removed. A low profile means much easier reboarding and less likelihood of scratching gel coat, point loading or damaging a hull. Ball-end trapeze rings are lighter and less dangerous than stainless dogbones or trapeze rings.

The 10″ Key-Hole buckle fits Murray harnesses except Classic (unless you sew it on), all Gul, Magic and most Hobie harnesses; it does not fit Da Kine harnesses. The super-strong carbon buckle weighs only 7.5 oz. Connectors are sold by the pair and must be ordered separately (Original #01-1212, Cant Hurt #01-1213, or Cant Miss #01-0142).