Marine wire terminations

Marine wire terminations by maine Cruising. Here is some good advice on how to make the best wire terminations for boats and marine applications. The article is laid out in a clear concise way giving you the scoop on the best tools and the worst. How many times have I done a job with inferior tools (lots) and yes I have used vice grips to crimp a wire, OK I said it.

” Maine cruising also has some other maintenance and build projects on his site. ”

Maine Cruising’s Description

In this photo I have lined up some of my wire crimpers. The one on the far left IS NOT A CRIMPER! I only say this because I have witnessed people putting together marine terminations with a pair of PLIERS!!

The next crimper, the one with the yellow handles, is a cheap hardware store quality crimper and should only ever be used in an absolute emergency.

The middle crimper is a decent quality Klein crimper though its not really suitable for anything other than NON-INSULATED terminals. This Klein crimper should never be used on marine grade, insulated terminations such as those made by Ancor Products unless its a complete emergency.

The fourth crimper is a very good quality crimper, made by Ancor Products, and designed specifically for crimping marine grade HEAT SHRINK terminations. The jaws of this crimper are precision machined, and wide enough in cross section, to produce an excellent cold formed crimp. This crimper is also of the ratcheting type and will not release until a proper crimp has been made.

The final crimper shown is another ratcheting type crimper but this one, set up with the jaws shown, is designed for insulated terminals.

Read on for more details on these different crimpers.