Bristol Bronze Hardware

Bristol Bronze Hardware specializes in the authentic reproduction of bronze fittings by Captain Nat. Herreshoff. Herreshoff was one of the best designers in his time.

For those looking to replicate the traditional Herreshoff look and style Bristol Bronze has fittings to suit.

Below you will see some of the offerings. Custom design and manufacturing is also available.

Bristol Bronze Hardware

Categories of bronze fittings

  • Cleats of all traditional designs including Hollow Herreshoff cleats
  • Blocks of all tripes including, Herreshoff Pattern Shell BLocks
  • Chocks, bow chocks, closed quarter chock
  • Goosenecks and sliding goosenecks
  • Turnbuckles
  • Tracks and slides
  • Mast Fittings, Mast Bands, Boom Bails
  • Oar Locks
  • Hinges
  • Rudder Pintles and Gudgeons, tillers and tiller heads
  • Stanchions and bases
  • Chainplates
  • Stem head fittings
  • Anchors Bow rollers
  • Shackles
  • Winches
  • and Fasteners

About Bristol Bronze Hardware

Those of us who own traditional/classic yachts face a perplexing problem. The manufacturers of traditional bronze fittings are either out of business or have switched their lines to aluminum and stainless steel to accommodate the fiberglass boat market.

All too often a traditional/classic boat owner must compromise. Frequently, deteriorated fittings must be retained during a restoration and safety thereby jeopardized. Exacting reproductions are often less than completely authentic because aluminum or stainless steel fittings must be used in place of the original bronze.

Recently some large discount marine supply houses have begun to import very poor quality fittings cast in brass. The casting is usually done in Third World nations in a high lead content brass. This material is very weak compared to Bronze and does not stand up well in a marine environment.

It is unfortunate that modern fittings, although very functional, are designed to be mass produced and lack the grace and aesthetics of earlier designs.

Bristol Bronze will continue to expand the number and variety of the bronze fittings that we produce for as long as the boating community is interested in reproducing/restoring yachts of classic design. In addition to the fittings in this catalog Bristol Bronze is also capable of custom design and manufacturing.

Most of the fittings that Bristol Bronze produces are illustrated on the following pages.

Manufacturers Contact

Bristol Bronze

Tiverton, R.I. 02878 .Telephone [401) 625-5224