Classic sailboat winches

Classic sailboat winches from New Zealand. These classic winches are manual bottom-action with a cleat on top. They look great on traditional boats, plus are very functional and simple in design. Murray winches can be more efficient and much easier to use than modern top-action winches.

The Bottom handle suits classic boats. There is often not enough space above the winch to swing a top handle. The bottom handle protrudes into the cockpit is lockable and is pumped back and forth. Another advantage of bottom action winches is the handle does not get in the way when you add or remove wraps. It also means you don’t have to get over the winch as with a top loading handle.

Another feature is the top cleat that lets you tie off a line on the winch. The Cleat on top lets you trim a small amount without un-cleating the line.

Both winch and handles are manufactured in Manganese Bronze and built to last. Sized for boats from 20 feet to 53 feet and above.

Murray Winches

Mini MW1C - Jam Cleat
Mini MW1C – Jam Cleat

A Classic In Cruising.

The Murray Winch, made only in New Zealand, has been the choice of demanding offshore cruising sailors for more than thirty years. Noted author and three time circumnavigator, Eric Hiscock, uses Murray Winches for halyards and reefing on his new ‘Wanderer V’. Lin and Larry Pardey of ‘Seraffyn’ fame have chosen all Murray Winches for their new boat.

The reasons are simple. Murray Winches are rugged, long lasting and easy to maintain. Their massice bronze castings and traditional bottom handle make them handsome as well as practical additions to any cruising boat.

Advantages of Murray Bottom Handle Winches.

The handle does not have to be removed while taking lines on and off winch. Set your handles when you set sail – no more handles lost overboard. You can even add a wrap while ratcheting a Murray Winch.

The top cleat allows self-tailing for small adjustments. With a cleat that turns with the winch you don’t have to un-cleat and tail while adjusting sheets and halyards. You no longer need to carry a handle to the mast to increase luff tension. The handle is there, flush with the mast, ready to go. No need to un-cleat, tail, and try to hang on when that halyard tension only needs to be increased a foot or so. With The Murray Bottom handle Winch, you only ratchet the handle… the winch does the rest

Cleaner deck and mast lay-out. No need for extra cleats to stub toes. Some people like to keep their traditional cleat on the mast – it gives them some place to hand the coiled halyard. In New Zealand, most starboard winches rotate clockwise – on the port side, they revolve counter-clockwise. This allows for a symmetrical deck layout. Murray Winches can rotate either way – simple flip over the springs and pawls.

Rugged construction. All Murray Winches are cast of Manganese Bronze and designed to withstand the most rigorous sailing conditions. Murray Winches are built to last. You can take one apart with only a screw driver and you won’t have hundreds of parts all over you deck. You don’t need an engineering degree to put it back together. Easy to service – built to last.

Murray Winch Range

Murray MW8 2 speed
Murray MW8 2 speed

Mini MW1 – Flat Top, No Mounting Plates

Mini MW1CH – Jam Cleat & Hinged Mounting Plates

Mini MW1C – Jam Cleat, No Mounting Plates

Mini MW1H – Flat Top, Hinged Mounting Plates

MW4 – Minor Winch, Round Base With Cleat

MW5 – Murray Winch, Round Base With Cleat

MW6 – Major Winch, Round Base With Cleat

MW8 – 2 Speed With 40:1 Worm Gear

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Murray Winches