DC cuddy

DC cuddy 12V air conditioner from Cruise Air

DC Cuddy

This small A/C 12V powered unit can fit under a v berth. Ideal for small cabin cruiser or sailboat for the occasional stay overnight. This small unit can make small boats comfortable where a traditional AC unit would be too big. 12V power and produces 3,500BTU. The unit is powered by 3- 100 amp AGM batterys and run time is approx. 8 hours between battery charges.

The 3500 BTUs, 29-pound unit can run for 8 plus hours off 3 Group 27 batteries, or run on 115- or 230-volt 50 and 60 HZ AC from a genset or off shorepower via a battery charger.

Cruise Air’s Description

NEW! Cruisair Cuddy dc Kits

This new low-profile 3500 BTU self-contained unit is made for boats too small for an onboard genset. It is powered by a user-provided dedicated power module.

Easy & Affordable Cold Air for Smaller Cabins

The Dometic Cuddy dc is a compact 3,500 BTU/hr cool-only air conditioner designed to work with 12 Volt power systems. Powered by a dedicated bank of batteries and dedicated power module (DPM), the Cuddy dc makes your small cabin a refuge from the heat and sun. Compact – about the size of a typical battery box – this low-profile unit easily fits beneath a V-berth or in a storage area below deck. The Cuddy dc uses R-417A, a globally accepted, environmentally safe refrigerant.

Your dedicated 12V DC battery bank powers the system via the Dometic DPM. Two ABYC-approved wires (sized properly for your unique installation) run from the dedicated battery bank to the DPM. Easy-to-use polarized plugs connect the DPM to the seawater pump and the Cuddy dc unit. Optional cables are available for longer runs if your setup requires more than the standard 4.5 foot (1.37m) cable included with the kit.

Approximate current draw: 29 amps at 12VDC Plug and play installation with simple 12V connections C system ready – simple 12VDC connections Copper tube/aluminum fin evaporator coils are designed for hot/humid marine environment Washable air filter included. Micro-particle filters available Compact – about the size of a battery box Cuddy DC can not be upgraded to digital

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