Seasucker ipad-tablet Mount

Seasucker ipad-tablet Mount the Best iPad and Galaxy Tablet Mount for Boats? What are the best ways to mount a Galaxy tab or iPad in a boat? We have reviewed many mounting options for tablets, from RAM mounts to permanent fixtures.

But maybe the SeaSucker Naked Flex Mount may be the best and most versatile as its one product and does not require any assembly or holes in the boat.

First you have the SeaSucker itself a vacuum attached mounting system. Then add the flex arm and you have a mount which can attach to any flat smooth surface and then allows you to position, tilt or angle the tablet for the best visibility and use. Flex Arm holds up to a 90 degree bend

SeaSuckers are powerful suction cups, a round rubber disc which seals onto a surface and with the additional plunger when pumped evacuates the air to create a very strong attachment.

The beauty of the SeaSucker is that the attachment does not require any tools or screws and does not require any holes in the boat. You can attach the base in seconds and it can be easily moved to another location if needed.

SeaSucker vacuum cup come in 3″, 4 1/2 and 6 inch diameters. The 4 1/2 inch is rated to 120 lbs load. The SeaSucker has universal 1/4 20 receptacles in the base. This allows you to screw in a host of items.

There are many attachments for the base such as; fishing rods, cleats, winch handle pockets and many more

SeaSucker Naked Flex Mount

Naked flex mount consists; Two powerful 4 1/2″ SeaSucker vacuum mounts 7″ long 3/4 inch dia Flex Arm Multiple 1/4-20 connection points for custom configurations $104.99 retail

A second flex arm can be added to lengthen the arm to 14 inches

Pros & Cons

Pros: No tools required No holes needed Easily moved to another location Flex arm allows infinite positioning Versatile capabilities for many devices and uses 1/4 20 thread size same as standard camera tripod mount

Cons: Not compatible with a tablet with textured or non smooth surface Needs a flat/smooth surfaces to mount on

Seasucker ipad-tablet Mount


Manufacturers comments

Naked, in this case, means that you don’t have to have a special bracket to fit your particular device. That’s one of the many great features of SeaSucker’s Naked Flex Mount for tablet computers. With a 4 1/2″ vacuum mount that attaches to the back of your tablet, you don’t have to worry about finding a new bracket when you upgrade your device every 6 to 9 months as Apple and its competitors strive to have the latest and greatest designs on the market.

The other 4 1/2″ SeaSucker vacuum mount in this package does what no other tablet mounting system available can do – mount virtually anywhere. You want it on the counter top while in the kitchen? Done. Your desk? Your coffee table? The sunroof or window in your car? The tray table in front of you on an airplane? The side of your hot tub? DONE! Are we being too subtle? We’re trying to tell you how versatile it is.

Speaking of versatility, we’ve developed a whole new housing for our SeaSuckers just for this product. With 1/4-20 inserts on both the top and sides, the flex-arm that connects the two SeaSuckers can be re-positioned to optimize your set up.


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