E200 Electric Outboard

E200 Electric Outboard from ReGen Nautic. The E200 is a powerful electric motor, designed for marine applications. The E200 is designed by ReGen Nautic USA, and features a 145 kW brushless electric motor which operates at 95 percent efficiency.

The E200 and control systems are the power behind two new boats. The ” eFusion from Norwegian” boat builder Goldfish and then there is the French ” Rhea 850 electric trawler.”

The Goldfish is the first 100 percent electric boat to break 40 knots.  Goldfish is known for its super-efficient, innovative hull designs. The electric motor is powered by four Corvus AT6500 lithium Polymer battery packs. The claim is the battery bank can be recharged in 30 minutes, which is pretty fast.

The Rhea 850 Trawler uses the same 200HP electric motors as the Goldfish eFusion, but mounted on conventional shafts.

The E200 electric motor is of the permanent magnet brushless type running at 8,000 RPM. The motor is cooled by a closed loop glycol system, which is itself cooled by seawater.

The Torqeedo travel is a very popular electric outboard for applications in the less than 10HP range. The Torqeedo works great for small dinghies and inflatables.

ReGen Nautic’s Description

E200 Outboard

The complexity of bringing electric propulsion to the marine industry is not only constrained by weight, size and cost, as with the auto industry, but an additional challenge is to provide high power systems that meet customer demand. I is critical to invent intelligent logic systems to control the integration of all electric propulsion components, such as the sequence of equipment turn on when the boat is first started, to battery charge start and stop, and powering down after use. As with electric car, such automation ensures both safety and efficiency of the system.

ReGen Nautic Inc. has created the first very powerful all-electric speed boat. ReGen Nautic designed and produced the propulsion system and the software interface that manages energy use and energy storage. Goldfish Boat designed the boat and placement of the lithium batteries. The boat can speed over the water at 47 knots, and it is totally electric: there is no fossil fuel on-board. Product release is expected for summer 2012.

The e200 is a fully functional electric propulsion system that comprises the following:

  1. A high C rated, 537 pounds, 27 kWh 380 volt lithium battery bank.
  2. A Battery Management System that continuously monitors each cell’s individual voltage and temperature, and that provide string equalization.
  3. A helm display and input unit
  4. A medium voltage safety and switching unit
  5. A medium voltage charging unit
  6. A 110 pounds 145 kW permanent magnet brushless electric motor and controller
  7. Cooling heat exchanger and associated pump

Boat manufacturers considering an e200 or equivalent system from ReGen Nautic have a wide selection of electrical power packs depending on the weight bearing capabilities of the vessel, the range required and budget.