Rx marine washer dryer

Rx marine washer dryer from Thor Appliances. The RX marine washer and dryer is one of the first appliances especially made for the marine environment. Most machines are household marinised versions.

The compact washer and dryer combined unit sells for $1,259 runs of 110 volt AC. The unit can be mounted under a counter in a closet or in an engine room space.

Thor Appliances’s Description

Thor RX Marine – Built for Life at Sea

Thors new vented RX Marine washer dryer can handle all the salt air and rough seas nature can dish out. Thats because the Thor RX is designed from the ground up as a true marine-grade appliance. Incorporating unique features like a corrosion-resistant outer frame, advanced drum suspension system, and a 110-volt AC marine motor, the Thor RX Marine is a shipmate that any serious boater would welcome onboard. The Thor RX Marine washer dryer offers the following features:

External venting system offers fast drying even in humid marine environment.

Durable stainless steel tub withstands the rigors of life at sea.

Compact size offers a variety of installation options including under-counter in the galley, in an extra closet, or free-standing in the engine room.

Four independent level-legs provide a secure footing on all floors.

ENERGY STAR® efficiency preserves valuable onboard resources.