Tiller Mate

Tiller Mate Self steering for tiller is a  simple line and friction device.

Tiller Mate’s Description

Before fitting Your Tillermate comes to you ready for use. It is made of two parts:

a pulley which is attached to the knob

a clamp which has two screw holes in the bottom

The Tillermate itself is attached to the tiller, then clamped onto a rope which is rigged across the cockpit.

If possible, you should site your Tillermate about halfway up the tiller where it is easy to reach the knob while sailing, but where the rope can be kept short and out of the way. Exactly where you fix your Tillermate might be set for you by items already in place, such as the clamp for your tiller extension or the pivot for your electronic pilot.

When fitting the rope, bear in mind that the ropes coming out of the Tillermate should form a right angle, and should be in the same plane as the tiller so that they don’t pull up or down. This is not critical, but it does help to keep the line tight during use. If is not possible to avoid them pulling up or down, then you should use a Leading BLock (Part No 528 LB) with your Tillermate.

An optional extra is an Installation Kit (Part No 528 IK) that is also available in the online shop. Full Fitting Notes and instructions how to operate your Tillermate come with each unit.