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UpSide Up anticapsize system for Catamarans and high performance sailboats. Catamarans and Multihulls are especially prone to violent gusts of wind. Where in a mono hull you may be subjected to a broach, multihulls can capsize. As a safety feature Ocean data Systems have developed many devices to help control sails. For shorthanded sailors and cruisers, you cannot be tending sheet 100% of the time

Due to an increasing demand in the field of cruising, Ocean Data System has developed a new version of its “UpSideUp”, a security system known for its anti-capsize function.

This new version has been recently set onboard the Sunreef 80 Carbon Line. I have seen the previous version on some of the Gunboat catamarans.

The UpSideUp is still available in the Easy version with original functions : anti-capsize, load limitation, and in its new Master version, which additionally ads solutions to situations such as, wind strengthening, man over board…,


Manufacturers Comments

UpSideUp main functions •Anti-capsize : for racing, on light multihulls or cruising multihulls •Heel limiter : on big monohulls •Load limiter in the rig : for large vessels •Control and monitoring of the rig : for racing and large vessels •Emergency process when man overboard : all boats •Wired or wireless manual quick release : all boats •Securing of the boat in case of collision or floating object detection : for racing, offshore cruising, yachting •Alarm manager : all boats •Black box (restricted access data logger) : fleet manager, shipyard service •Multifunction controller : for custom projects

These are the main and most commonly used UpsideUp functions, according to the version and to available options. This list is not exhaustive. Specific solutions can be implemented as needed, for racing or yachting projects.


MOD 70 skipper Sidney Gavignet commented on the UpSideUp system in preparation for the Route De Rhum.

“It was very close throughout the night which shows that we are all quite even in light conditions – I really enjoyed the competition, it was an excellent opportunity to test the electronic systems and particularly the UpSide Up anti-capsize system, equipment that controls the alarms and automatically releases the sheets based on pre-defined thresholds.

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