Half Hull Models

Half Hull Models Zuma Boat, Inc. These half hulls produced in Georgia are reasonable priced and I like this mod3el of the J80 that has the cockpits also. So many half hulls have no cockpit just flat areas. Models include J Boats, Optimists, Elliot, Pinacle, Catalina 36, Lindenberg 28, A CAT, Farr 36 OD, Alerion Express 28 , Quest 30, X 402 , Hunter 28.5, Cape Dory – Typhoon, Tartan 3400, Wavelength 24 , then a range of stern models, the first I have seen.

Zuma Boat, Inc.’s Description

I have been building large scale half hull sailboat models since 1970. My half hull models are usually 30″ to 50+” long. The 30″ half hull model looks 2 to 3 times larger when compared to a 20″ half hull model.

My models are built with 100% solid wood using the old lifts method. I glue 7 to 12 layers of solid wood then carve it using a custom templates. Every one of my half hull models are custom built (except for the Melges 24 model). It will take me 4 to10+ weeks to build one to order.

There are no short cuts for me to build the half hulls using my lifts method. I have been using MFD board with exotic wood veneer for my backboard (because my backboard is very large) in order to cut its cost. All of my models are priced very reasonably for their size and attention to detail.