Halyard Strop Lock

Halyard Strop Lock from Southern Spars helps keep that luff tension when your rope clutch wont hold. For modern sailboats with increasing need for tight luffed headsails and code 0s more and more emphasis is on halyard stretch. Dynex Dux 75 (made from Dyneema) has been one of the ropes that has helped in this department. However for Volvo 70s and the latest Maxi boats even Dynex cannot provide the loads and low stretch needed. Hence the lib or Genoa or halyard locks from Southern Spars.

The Lock Strop is attached top the mast with a loop. The loop allows the lock to align perfectly with the Luff and once the halyard is locked the halyard can be eased. Hence there is no concern for halyard chafe. The halyard lock reduces mast compression by half.

To lock the halyard the halyard is raised and near the top the stainless fitting enters the strop lock. Once past a certain point the lock engages and the halyard can be eased and the lock will take the load.

To deal with having enough up and down travel for the lock to work, boats like ” SpeedBoat” resort to hydraulic tacks. Once the halyard has been locked at the mast head, the required Luff tension is fine tuned with the hydraulic tack.

Southern Spars has developed other locks for booms and reefing.

Southern Spars’s Description

Southern Spars Strop Lock (patent pending) is the first of its kind.

The only solution capable of handling the loads required to keep constant tension in the luff of sails such as asymmetrical spinnakers and code zeros while always aligning perfectly to the direction of the load.

Halyard Strop Lock Benefits

  1. The Strop Lock is an external locking system designed to be easily retrofitted to existing masts. Its simple construction means it can be easily maintained, serviced and removed.
  2. Made from titanium and aluminium, it is an alternative to an internal lock system and reduces weight associated with internal structural reinforcement.
  3. Engineered to minimise compression on the mast, the Strop Lock relieves stress by concentrating loads in the direction that they are applied.
  4. Proven for its performance and reliability, the Strop Lock has been put through rigorous testing on some of the world’s best racing yachts including 2005/06 Volvo Ocean Race winner ABN AMRO ONE, 2005 Rolex Transatlantic Challenge winner Maximus and 2005 and 2006 Sydney to Hobart Race winner Wild Oats XI.
  5. With a range of safe working loads from 2,000 to 15,000 kgs, the Strop Lock comes in six sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 15 tonne.