Hook & Moor

Hook moor Boat Hook. Seen at the 21012 Annapolis Boat show, this was one of the coolest new products. This invention from Sweden is a pretty cool looking device aimed at improving your docking, which as we know can be stressful.

Hook & Moor
Hook & Moor









Hook Moor, Boat Hook

The benefit of Hook & Moor is that it pulls the mooring rope through the cleat or ring and back to the boat in one motion. The rope is through the cleat and you can tie it up without any further action.

Cost from $120, it looks well engineered. There were several happy customers walking around the Annapolis Boat Show with one.

Below you can compare to other products on the market

  • The dock line is attached to the Hook & Moor.
  • Then the open jaw is pushed toward the cleat.
  • Once you have the jaw close to the cleat continue to push so the Jaw ia against the cleat.
  • Keep pushing as the jaw swivels around the cleat.
  • Keep pushing until you see the line is through the cleat
  • Now pull the Hook & Moor back to you and retrieve the line which is now through the Cleat.

There are many mooring hooks and boat hooks that put a loup around a cleat or piling. There are some that attach a rope to a ring, but None that I know that tread a line through a ring or a dock cleat.