Little Wonder LWM 160 LWM 200

villageLittle Wonder LWM 160 LWM 200 from Village Marine. If you are looking for a small reliable 12 volt watermaker the Little Wonder series is very popular.

Modular Little Wonder water makers are useful for cruising sail boats where space is limited.

LWM-160 starting at Starting at: $4,252.50 produces 7GPH, 12/24 VDC.

The Little Wonder series include

  • 12 or 24 volt models available in both models • 160 Series – Gallons/Hour 7.0, 200 Series – Gallons/hour 8.3, • 160 Series – Current draw 13 amps at 12vdc, 7 amps at 24vdc, • 200 Series – Current draw 17 amps at 12vdc, 9 amps at 24vdc, • 160 Series – Weight 67 pounds (Framed), 49 pounds (Modular), • 200 Series – Weight 69 pounds (Framed), 51 pounds (Modular),

Whisper quiet operation Industry standard sized membrane easily replaceable Extended cruising kit available

Village Marine’s Description

The LWM-160

  • Raw Water Boost Pump provides extra feed pressure.
  • Village Marine Tecs Exclusive Titanium High Pressure Pump is impervious to the corrosive sea water envi-ronment and designed for maximum efficiency produc-ing more water with less battery power. (Titanium manifold guaranteed for life).
  • Adjustable 316 SS Pressure Regulating Valve provides constant pressure. No fluctuating pressure and lownoise.
  • Product Flowmeter to monitor gallons per hour of product water being produced.
  • 316 SS, Glycerine Filled High Pressure Gauge to assure accurate reading of pressure from high pressure pump.
  • Easy to operate High Pressure Bypass Valve controls the operating mode from cleaning/rinse to R.O.
  • Supplied with Cleaning and Preservative Chemicals to keep your system in prime working condition, plus a Spare Pre-filter Cartridge.
  • 12V, Permanent Magnet Motor has significant reserve capacity for long life (on DC powered units).
  • Internal Circuit Breaker for electrical production.
  • Special Hi-Rejection Aqua Pro Membranes, with a 3- year pro-rated warranty.
  • Manual Fresh Water Flush.
  • Product Sample Valve.
  • Cleaning Valve