Seabung. This cool inventive little gadget is a device to fix a thru hull i.e. seacock while the boat is in the water.

Traditionally the way to fix a broken seacock or one that’s leaking is to use a soft wooden plug. These wood plugs are tapered and come in sizes to match standard seacocks, 3/4, 1 and 1 1/2 inches for example. The soft wood plugs swell when they absorb water to fully seal the hole. What they don’t do however is let you fix the problem, Seabung does.

The round umbrella shaped dome is attached to a rod. The dome is pushed into the seacock and its flexibility lets it fold into the hole and be pushed through. When exiting the thru hull the dome goes back to its original shape. The dome is now pulled flush to the hull stemming the water ingress. The rod has a eye so you can secure the Seabung in place.

It looks like the umbrella would seal most of the water coming in. If you had barnacles on the outside this could disturb the seal.



The Seabung looks like a great addition or even replacement for the Wood bungs. Being able to maintain and service a thru hull while the boat is in the water is a time and cost saver. Not having to rush to get the boat pulled to fix a problem is a big benefit that the Seabung offers.

Manufacturers description

In the last 200 years technology has changed the world we live in.

So why when we get a sudden breach do we still hammer a piece of wood into it?

Using hi-tech materials and revolutionary design, we have developed a better, simpler way to deal with the replacement of seacocks and critical damage control.

Seabung also allows you to schedule regular checks of underwater fittings into your maintenance routine, previously impossible without taking the vessel out of the water.

Underwater fitting failure is responsible for 50% of moored boat sinkage. Such a small piece of kit as a seacock or hose can be responsible for huge amount of damage: even if a vessel has only been submerged for a short period of time the cost of repair is usually 40% of the value of the boat.

Seabung is proudly designed in Bristol and manufactured in Rutland. Seabung is CE certified

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