U-Line 2275DWRR under-counter drawer refrigerator

U-Line 2275DWRR under-counter drawer refrigerator. If you are looking for refrigeration space for your power cruiser and have some space under the counter this drawer is well organized and works better that a refrigerator. Slide out each drawer to gain access to the contents. Door opening fridges loose cold air when you open the door. Top opening fridges are notoriously difficult to get to the contents. This drawer fridge is a combination of the benefits of each, easier to find what you want and less cold air los, especially important on energy draining devices like fridges.

U-Lines’s Description


Cool refreshments and fresh food add a perfect touch to any excursion. Combining the comforts of home and the joy of boating or traveling, U-Lines under-counter drawer refrigerator merges style and elegance with superior performance.

The U-Line Échelon Series 2275DWRR refrigerator offers an organized, generous 5.5 cu. ft. of storage capacity in its two drawers. Equipped with automatic defrost, this unit requires little maintenance.

Internal storage space is maximized by the units inventive three-piece organizing system. At the rear of the upper drawer, the top bin slides out smoothly to accommodate food, wine and two-liter bottles. Handy and adjustable, the Slide & Divide System securely holds items of various sizes, such as meats, cheeses or even milk. It fits in either the top or bottom drawer.

Located in the lower drawer, the clear crisper slides out on either side of the unit for flexible accessibility. A clear glass shelf provides a view of the crispers contents through the drawer. The shelf can be removed to allow storage of tall items.

This reliable refrigerator is designed and built to the finest standards. The drawers rest on heavy-duty slides, which allow easy access to the back of the drawers. Touch Control Digital Technology makes setting and seeing the refrigeration temperature effortless.

Style and performance meet flawlessly in U-Lines products. A stainless steel finish brings a level of elegance and beauty to this under-counter refrigerator. For a different look, owners can choose optional commercial-style handles. Or, to create an integrated look that blends in with cabinetry, this unit is available in a model that accepts 3/4″ overlay panels.

Surprisingly compact, the U-Line 2275DWRR drawer model measures 34-1/4″H x 23-15/16″W x 23-1/4″D. It has a starting retail price of $2,499.

Contact U-Line Corp., PO Box 245040, Milwaukee, WI 53224-9540.