Brolga Rig Adjusters

Brolga Rig Adjusters are designed for the sailboat racers like Etchells class which allows rig adjustment on the water, either between races or during. The smooth adjustment of the turnbuckle, aided by the bearings and the knurled knob, which gives you the grip, make for fast adjustment.

The calibrated body lets you know instantly what your rig setting is. BRG turnbuckles are sized for 3mm 4mm & 5mm wire.

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An alternative for quick TB adjusting is ” The turnbuckle adjuster from 49er ace Simon Hiscocks Shock Co ” This simple round disc with slot can be quickly attached to a Ronstan turnbuckle. The C.Span allows very quick and accurate changes to settings. Designed to work with 13mm Ronstan turnbuckles

Brolga Rig Adjusters


…as seen on Etchells World Champion Jud Smith’s boat

The Brolga Shroud Adjusters are a breakthrough in quick rig adjustment – just grab the knurled cap and start twisting/adjusting. The top swage studs ride on ball bearings inside the knurled cap which allows the adjuster body to rotate freely and not twist your shroud. Dyform wire aids in preventing shroud rotation while making adjustment due to it stiff twist properties. Once you have finished your adjustments, simply screw the knurled lock nut into place.

To insure easy adjustments, on each race day you will need to lubricate the adjusting screw thread plus clearance gap between the swaging shaft and top round bearing housing with marine lanoline spay. These are the upgraded MkII that include knurled cap, larger ball bearings, larger diameter adjusting screw (was8mm, now 10mm)., adjusting screw manufactured from Nitronic 60 stainless steel which has anti gawling qualities.