Flush Mount Transom Safety Ladder

Flush Mount Transom Safety Ladder. If you fall in the water and need to get back aboard you hope there is a ladder available. Many boats have swim platforms with a folding ladder. This makes it Easy to board, but there are many boats with a high freeboard which makes boarding difficult.

Mounting is very easy flush mount (like a thru-hull fitting). Transom or platform mount for sail or powerboats. You need to mount it where it can be reached from the water plus where you can get back on deck. You can always ad a tether to the plug which can be reached from the water.

Plastimo Flushmount Safety Ladder

The Plastimo Flushmount Transom Safety Ladder helps a crewmember get back on board easily without external help. The ladder consists of 3 polypropylene steps and a stainless steel handle connected by high strength 3mm yellow line.

The ladder is stored in a polymide tube with a waterproof end cap that is installed in the transom like a standard through full fitting. The Man Overboard (or swimmer) simply pops off the end cap and with a tug of the line the ladder deploys enabling the swimmer to climb on board.

The Storage tube is 48mm dia and requires 235mm of clearance inside the transom.

Other Boarding ladders

If you are looking at boarding methods from the water this article Boat Boarding Ladders compares these types of ladders;

  • Amidships ladders
  • Transom Boarding
  • Dinghy Boarding
  • It is important to have a plan to get back on the boat from the water.