Flopper stopper

Flopper stopper from Forespar. Dampen rolling at anchor with the flopper stopper. The flopper stopper from Forespar is held in place by a topping lift and the spreader pole mounted on the hull side. When you add a flopper stopper to each side of the boat the flat plate adds tremendous drag when the boat tries to roll at anchor. The drag dampens any attempt by your boat to roll. If you spend time at anchor and would like to

stabilize the boat, the flopper stopper is one answer for both power and sail boats.

The kit can be self-installed. Retail prices; $814 for the 40 by 20 inch stabilizer, and $745 for the 3 inch by 11 ft outrigger pole and $180 for the hull mount.

Flopper Stopper Forespar’s Description

flopper stopper
flopper stopper

Forespar has introduced a new Roll-X Flopper Stopper Pole Kit for trawlers, powerboats or sailboats. The kit allows boaters to quickly lower Forespar’s Roll-X Stabilizer into the water, drastically reducing the rocking and rolling motions of an uncomfortable anchorage.

The new Roll-X Flopper Stopper Pole Kit creates a sturdy, professional flopper stopper rig that can be mounted or stored as needed using quick release pole fittings. The kit lowers the stabilizer down six feet below the water surface and extends it safely off the beam. Once deployed, the stabilizer greatly retards the rocking motion by using water resistance to limit up and down boat movements.

The kit includes Forespar’s Roll-X Stabilizer, which uses a proprietary anti-skate baffle system to minimizing underwater swing and increase stability beyond that of traditional stabilizers. It whole system can be quickly rigged or removed using the permanently mounted pole attachments and is designed to be stored using a minimum of space. An optional on-deck pole storage system is also available.

The Roll-X Flopper Stopper Kit is available in two sizes. Model #305302 is for boats up to 40 feet and uses 3” poles. Model #305303 is for boats up to 55 feet and uses 3.5” poles. Manufactured using high quality marine grade materials including aluminum poles and stainless steel fittings, the kit includes everything except custom length rigging lines. The kit can be self-installed, but professional installation is strongly recommended