Hydroview sport

Hydroview sport Aquabotix. Last year Aquabotix rolled out HydroView an underwater camera. The HydroView ROV (Remote operated underwater vehicle) is tethered to a box which in turn is controlled by smart devices such as iPad and Android. With HydroView you will instantly see the video in front of the ROV on your iPad and use that image to steer by.

There are plenty of potential applications for an ROV for boaters and these include underwater inspection, security, fishing, and checking your anchor. See the underwater world through live video, and also capture still shots.

The underwater video can be viewed in real time on an iPad, and HydroView’s 3 motors are controlled via the iPad employing motion control technology. With the iPad users Controll the ROV by tilting and steering the wireless device and controlling speed and video commands via the touch screen.

The size of the ROV is 14.6 x 19 x 7 inches and weighing nine pounds. The HydroView comes with LED lights, a three-hour battery and a top-side box that connects with a cable tether (standard 75 foot cable). Being wired may seem a handicap but you will not loose the ROV. From the shore side box the information is sent over wifi and you can see the images and control the HydoView with an iPad. Top speed for the HydroViews Sport is 3 knots.

At this years Newport Boat Show Aquabotix announced new optional on-board sensors for the iPad-controlled underwater ROV that enhance user experience and improve navigation control. These three sensors greatly extend the HydroView’s stream of available data sent back to the user.

1 The Orientation Sensor measures the unit’s yaw, pitch and roll and features an artificial horizon to help gauge the HydroView’s orientation beneath the surface and a visual diagram of the unit’s location relative to that of the user

2 The Depth Sensor is pressure based and allows users to direct the HydroView to a specific depth or track its precise position at any given time

3 The Temperature Sensor allows the user to measure temperatures in specific locations as well as gauge the changing temperatures of the water as the unit descends

” HydroView video ”

Price for the HydroView Sport is $3,995.

For a simpler cheaper option the AquaLens employs similar video while mounted on the end of a standard boat hook. Put the boat hook in the water and aim the AquaLens and see live video on the wrist-mounted LCD screen. MSRP for the AquaLens is $475.00.