Jabsco toilet fresh

Jabsco toilet fresh. There are several sources of odor in a boats head system. Places that smell are obvious and the holding tank is the most common. However one which is often overlooked is the bacteria that grows in the inlet hose to the head.

jabsco toilet fresh
jabsco toilet fresh

As sea water sits in the hose for long periods, between the head being used, it grows bacteria and starts to smell bad. Treating this water will help keeping your boats head from smelling.

Toilet Fresh

Jabsco’s Toilet Fresh is a simple system for keeping Head odors at bay. The Toilet Fresh tank is let into the inlet hose for the head.

The Jabsco toilet Fresh is a header tank essentially. The water passes through the tank which is supplied with tablets specially formulated for salt water.

Because the tablets are introduced in the inlet side of the head, (as the head gets pumped) the treated water passes through the entire system. The tablets helps prevent scale build up and maintain clean pipes.

Jabsco Toilet Fresh System

A simple and effective solution to the unpleasant odors on boats

Includes 1 pot of Toilet Fresh Tablets (Clean and Condition not included, purchase separately)

Capacity: – 1.2l Connections: – for 19mm (¾”) bore hose Dimensions: – 200mm (7.87″) high, 150mm (5.9″)mm wide, 130mm (5.19″) deep Weight: – Full – 1.7(kgs) Specially formulated to eliminate the bad bacteria in flush water that cause unpleasant odor. Install into any manual or electric toilet system. Molded in tough pressure resistant plastic. Simple inline dosing system. Specially formulated tablet specifically for marine use. Use with Jabsco Clean & Condition to clean and prevent scale build up.

Head Mistress is a book by Peggy Hall

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For some reason this is only available in the UK and Europe

Dimensions;150w x 130d x 200h mm (5.91”w x 5.19”d x 7.87”h)