M5 5200 BTU air conditioner

M5 5200 BTU air conditioner from Mermaid Marine. For small boats the M5 5,200 BTU air conditioner from Mermaid packs all the features of a large unit into a small tapered footprint. The taper lets you install the unit under a V berth and with the rotatable blower you can easily attach ducting to circulate air around the cabin.

Mermaid M5 air conditioner
Mermaid M5 air conditioner

At 15” by 11.5” by 11.5” the M5 is one of the smallest on the market.

This unit will run off the Honda 1001i portable 1,000 watt generator, while in cool mode.

Another alternative if you have the batteries is to use an inverter. According to Mermaid a 1,800 watt inverter can handle the unit with 450 amp hours of battery. Thats a lot of weight, but you will be cool and it will be quiet.

Mermaid Marine Air – 2011 available in reverse cycle or cool only. If you are in Florida reverse cycle may help in the colder months. 115V, cool only-List $1700.00, Reverse cycle-List $1900.00. This unit is designed to cool cruisers up to 26ft and sailboats up to 28ft.

M5 5,200 BTU System Mermaid Marine’s Description

Ideal for 24-28 feet Smallest footprint on the market and weighs in at 31.5 lbs. for the unit, and 4.7 lbs for the electrical box! This unit has a rotatable blower and tapers down to a “V” shape for those odd angle discharge installations. We use 4″ ducting and recommend a minimum of 2, 4″ round supply grills with this installation.

To charge one option is to use a Statpower 1,800 watt inverter and 450+ amp hours of battery power and you can anchor out for one night. We have actually had success operating the Mermaid Model M5 off as low as a 1000 Watt Inverter and only 400 amp hours of battery power, however, longer operating times, it is recommended to use a higher wattage inverter and a bit more battery power.

Due to the construction of this unit, electric heat is not an option with this unit. This unit is ideal for the “tight fit” installations and is a welcomed addition to larger vessels for individual climate controlled cabins. The Mermaid Model “M5” has a rotatable blower so, no Air Discharge option is necessary.

Power requirements

  • Cool = 4.4 amps, R/C = 5.5 amps.
  • Add approximately one amp for the standard seawater pumps.
  • Start up amperage is calculated by running amperage multiplied by 1.8.


  • COOL ONLY UNIT: L-15″ W-11.5″ H-11.5
  • REVERSE CYCLE UNIT: L-18″ W-12″ H-11.5″