Novasail NS360 wireless


Novasail NS360 wireless. The NS360 wireless from Novasail provides; GPS, Magnetic tactical compass, Race timer, Start Line Distance, Data Logger, Waypoints and routes management, Wireless NMEA PC dongle.

For racing sailors, the NS360 provides tactical tools to help you win races. Check your class rules to see if you can get the benefit. The J80 2010 European champion Carlos Martinez from Spain credits the NS360 for part of his success. You can use the NS360 to get you a good start, to stay on the lifted tack, give you speed and direction and then after the race analyze your tactical decisions.

The NS360 wireless is the latest version of the NS360 with additional features. The start line mode and data logging are the best features. The data logging allows you to take the information recorded during races or practice and see how you perform on your PC.


Synch the NS S360 with Novasail’s innovative software in conjunction with Google Earth. Connect to PC via wifi for data download and easy waypoint management.

The Novasail has many of the features in start line mode to the Velocitek Prostart . The NS360W start line distance function is combines the highly accurate (1 meter) GPS and and 3 axis compass to pinpoint exactly where you are relative to the line. A sign +/- indicates clearly which side of the line you are. Use the bow offset (distance from the NS360 to the bow) for accurate distance to line.

NS360 wireless, Cost 499 euros,

Novasail’s Description

NS360 Wireless – Simple and Intuitive

Whats new with the NS360 Wireless ;

  1. Dedicated buttons make storing the startline easy and intuitive◦A sign +/- indicates clearly which side of the line you are
  2. Unique bow offset gives to the exact distance from your bow to the line.
  3. Ends can be Pinged whilst travelling in any direction.
  4. Dedicated timer button to start the 5 minutes on the spot

Wireless communication dongle, format NMEA 0183 Data logger;

  1. It allows you to analyse your performance at the end of the day. 41 hours at 1 point per second for racing or 1200 hours at 1 point per 30 seconds if you leave for a long cruising holiday.

The Novasail Wireless Manager is a free application for windows XP/Vista/7 that lets you:

  1. Create 100 waypoints, including their coordinates and description
  2. Create 20 routes from existing waypoints
  3. Import routes and waypoints directly from GoogleEarth
  4. set all your device parameters such as the bow offset, the magnetic deviation, the display timings, etc…
  5. Download new features automatically