Revo electric rewind winch

Revo electric rewind winch from Lewmar. Both major winch manufacturers Harken and Selden have launched rewind winches. Now Lewmar has the Revo electric rewind winch line. The advantage of rewind winches are numerous. You do not have to remove the line from the self tailor to ease the line. When you do ease the line and its very highly loaded the line jumps and the friction can damage the line. With the rewind feature lines can be eased smoothly and safely.

Based on the Evo platform the Revo winch will be available this year in sizes; 40, 45, 50, 55,65

One of the feature Lewmar is promoting is the ability to self tack. One winch winds in the jib sheet and the other winch winds the sheet out. For my part I like the ability for a helmperson to push a button and let the sheet out or trim it in without leaving the helm. This ads a huge amount of convenience especially for the short handed sailor.

” Lewmar Revo back winding winch”

Revo Lewmar’s Description

Lewmar introduces a complete range of electrically-operated, backwinding winches. With the touch of a button, sailors are able to trim sails both in and out. Push one button and the winch sheets in quickly to the Working Load Limit. A well-specified motor removes the added complication of switching between slow and fast forward gears. Simply push another button to electrically backwind the winch, while the insertion of a winch handle automatically changes to a familiar two-speed manual operation.Available in Sizes 40 to 65, the versatile REVO™ winch is an effortless revolution in sail control!


  1. Available in five sizes (40, 45, 50, 55,65)
  2. No modification to the standard bolting pattern and deck cut-outs
  3. Direct size for size upgrade from a standard electric EVO® winch to a REVO™ winch
  4. Uses proven winch internals so retains all the benefits of the EVO® Winch
  5. Simple two button operation, one to pull rope in and another to pay rope out
  6. Operates as a normal two speed manual winch when a winch handle is inserted