Rupture Seal

Rupture Seal

Rupture Seal Hull Breach. Canadian product Rupture seal is designed to plug holes in tanks or any hole which is letting fluid in or out. Initially designed for fuel tankers the rupture seal can be used for boating. The Rupture seal is used by emergency services and hazardous fuel truckers to plug holes that are leaking dangerous fluids, or even water. However for boaters we can also use Rupture Seal to plug small holes and stem the influx of water we suffer from a small collision.

Rupture Seal
Rupture Seal

The Rupture seal consists of a round spherical plug made from a specially formulated silicone. This is the part that fills the hole your trying to fill. The pin and pulling mechanism is what holds it in place.

To deploy the pin is slid into the hole and when its on the other side of the hole the pin provides the base for the pull mechanism. The semi-spherical ball of specially formulated silicone plug shapes itself to seal the hole and is held in place by pulling the pull cord.

These come in a 1″, 2″ and a 2″ x 6″ Rupture Seal. This is a temporary solution to a breach, but allows you the time to sort something else out.

Rupture seal Typical Applications

  • Water, fuel, or bilge pump leaks
  • Fuel or water tank leaks
  • Hull breaches or damage

Manufacturers Comments

The RuptureSeal is designed to safely seal ruptures fast. Please refer to instructions and watch the video before deploying.

Approach the Rupture from the side, outside the path of the flow of liquid. Flip the pin so it is parallel with the nylon tie.

Insert the pin into the rupture. Once the pin is in the rupture, quickly let go and drive the plug into the rupture holding in place stopping the flow of liquid.

As you push the plug into the rupture, with your free hand GENTLY pull on the handle. When the handle is fully extended and the clicking stops the RuptureSeal is deployed. (If you pull too hard the handle is designed to release)


RuptureSeal system Manufacturers Comments

The RuptureSeal system is a unique leak stopping device for use where the rapid containment of leaks and spillages is required to prevent environmental damage and potential loss of life. The RuptureSeal system is an essential tool for Emergency Services, Oil and Gas, Road Hauliers, Marine Agencies, Marine Leisure Industry, or any situation where a rapid and simple solution to leak control is required.

A revolutionary device invented and used extensively in Canada, The RuptureSeal can be used to seal holes as small as 4mm up to 65mm, and gashes up to 100mm in length, with the capability to “stitch” several together to fit a range of size and shape ruptures.