Sail Repair

Sail Repair kits are handy for any sailor especially those travelling offshore. Most sailors are going to see a sail that needs repair at some point. The repair may be insignificant or devastating. If your just out sailing for the day, you can pull the sail off and drop it at your local sail makers drop Box and pick it up later. Sail makers have drop boxes so sails that need repair can leave the sails, so they can be repaired when the sail makers is open.

If however this is not possible you may have to institute a repair yourself. To do this you are going to require some material and tools. There are many purpose made kits which may suffice, or you can get the requisite supplies and custom make your own sail repair kit.

First we look at whats required to make a repair on your sails. A small tear could just need a sticky back tape to seal the hole from further damage until you can get a permanent repair. Small tears may not have any effect on the structural integrity of the sail. Large tears however may need a structural reair which includes cloth, tape and stitching and so you will need some tools.

Sail Repair Kit contents

Depends on the material used in your sails Depends on the weight of the material Depends on the extent of the damage envisaged (long distance cruisers may have a sewing machine)

Sail Material Luff and leech tapes for repairing the edges of the sails. Pieces of sailcloth of the same sail material of main and headsails. Nylon spinnaker cloth in same weight as used in your spinnaker. Adhesive backed sail tape for small holes and tears. Alcohol to prep sail for sticky tape. Whip-end dip to prevent the threads from running. Double-stick tape Nylon webbing

Thread Sailmaker’s waxed twine.

Tools Sailmaker’s palm for pushing needles through several layers of cloth. Curved and straight needles of different diameters Stainless-steel scissors for cutting thread and sailcloth. Hot knife to cut thread, and trim and seal sail material. knife dedicated to sail repair Awls or pins to secure the sail while patching

You may not feel the need to carry all these items; its more of a suggestion. Pick out what you need.

Bainbridge Sail Repair Kit

Basic repair kit with no sail cloth

Small Sail Repair Kit Includes: Right-hand adjustable palm Wax 1 oz. 5-ply twine 10 William & Smith Sailmaker needles

Available at Sailrite

Yachtsman Sail Repair Kit

Yachtsman Sail Repair Kit more comprehensive but only small amount of sail cloth

yachtsmans Sail Repair
yachtsmans Sail Repair

Sail Repair Manual, 3 ft. Leechline 5/32″, 4 ft. Spun Classic 3-Strand Polyester Line 1/4″, 1 Right-handed Adjustable Palm, 1 Spool White 3-ply Twine, 1 oz. V-46 White UV Polyester Thread, 1 ft. 2-3 oz. Pearl Grey Cowhide Leather, 6 ft. Tape Dacron 5 oz. White 6″, 2 Jiffy Grommets with Rivets, 5 Hand Sewing Needles (sizes #14-#18), 1 yd. 4 oz. Nylon Flag Cloth, System 130 Sewing Machine Needles (Pack of 10), Deluxe Seam Ripper, Composition Wax Cup, Seamstick 1/4″ Basting Tape

Yachtsman kit available at Sail Rite

Sail Makers Supply

Kit consists of: 1 adjustable sailmaker’s palm, 5 pre-waxed sail twine bobbins, 1 pack of 7 repair needles, 1 1 oz. spool V-92 thread, 15′ 2″ wide Dacron sail repair tape, 15′ 1″ flat nylon webbing, 15′ 1″ tubular webbing, 15′ 4″ 5 oz. Dacron sailcloth, 15′ 4″ wide 8 oz. Dacron sailcloth, 1 seam ripper, 1 ditty bag.

Sail makers supply

North Sails sail repair kit

North offers a sail repair kit complete with a zippered, double handled nylon case with the famous North “bullet” logo inked on one side. (Pocket folder not included)

Sail repair kit includes; Ambidextrous 8″ knife-edge shears; Two sailmaker’s awls; 10 yds 2″ mylar film tape; 10 yds 2″ insignia repair tape; Bees wax; Hand sewing needles; Thread; Telltales; Palm

Hobie’s Sail Repair Kit

Includes 3 different weights of thread, 3 sizes of needles and an approximately 6″ x 6″ patch of white sail cloth.

Available at Murrays

Speedy Stitch

Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

Model No. 120 Includes:

Sewing Awl, Straight Needle, Curved Needle, Bobbin of Coarse Thread, Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Stormsure sail-kite-and-board-repair-kit


Stormsure make some glues for boating. They include inflatable repair and also Sail repair. Having a good repair kit if your venturing offshore can make life a lot more friendly

This kit can be used for Punctured inflatable kite bladders can be repaired in a few seconds and pumped up again for use immediately.

Sail Repair material suppliers

If you need large sheets, call your local sail maker, they will have lots of off cuts you can choose from.

PSP Marine Tapes sail repair tapes

PSP Marine Tapes sail-repair-tapes

Mylar repair tapes for windows and sails. Dacron Tapes Nylon tapes Kevlar tapes

Tapes come in 2, 4 and 6 inch widths and patches are approx. 91/2 inches by 15.

Sail Repair tape

Lifesafe Sail Repair tape

Super Clear UV Stabilized Sail Patch Repair Tape

Excellent resistance to tearing in any direction, very aggressive adhesive, works on damp sails. Transparent color suitable for any sail. Tape is light weight and flexible.

Sail Repair tape

Sailmakers supply

1.5 oz. Nylon rip-stop with adhesive and release paper for easy use.

Also Adhesive backed Polyester and Kevlar repair tapes


Sail repair kit

This is a more structural repair.

Fiberfix dramatically increases the strength of a repair. The threads are stronger and provide a bridge across a tear ensuring it does not get larger,

Join the 2 parts of a tear together with the Fiberfix and add a layer of Glufix over it.

7 colors in each pack. Size: 1.2m each.

Kite film

Chinook Kite Film

A clear sticky back film to repair cuts tears etc. in Mylar or other film sail material. Temporary or permanent sail repairs are made easy so you can stay on the water.

4” x 120” Clear.

Sail Repair application

  • To apply the tape find a flat smooth surface, sharp scissors, and a helping hand
  • Clean the torn area with fresh water or alcohol
  • Trim the frayed edges.
  • Stretch out the sail and secure in place with pins or Awls
  • Once sail is laid flat and stabilized apply the tape
  • Roll the sail over and tape the other side