Shock absorbing seat post

Shock absorbing seat post. Pounding over waves can be jarring and tiring. Cushioned seats will help dampen the loads, but a good seat post with built in suspension will make life much more comfortable.

To make a comfortable ride, you should look into a Shock-mitigation Post. One company Seaspension uses such technology for a system that reduces boating fatigue, absorbs pounding and is designed to bolt directly to a boat’s existing universal slider or spider/slider combination. Parker Boats and Silver Streak Boats are examples of seaspension users.

SEASPENSION® shock-absorbing pedestal system

Peter J. Burer, company president, was riding in an off-shore sport boat, standing up, holding on as tight as he could while pounding the waves, jarring his legs, back and neck, when he started thinking that there had to be a better way to enjoy boating by somehow absorbing the shock waves inherent in a boat traveling at high speed or in rough conditions.

He wanted to develop a pedestal which was relatively simple in design without a lot of parts, it had to be retrofitable so it can be mounted underneath existing seats, it had to be versatile so you can use it both under a single seat , a bench seat, or a bolster seat, and it had to be cost effective. Seaspension® was born out of these criteria, and a U.S. Patent was awarded, and afterwards, several other foreign patents were awarded as well.

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SEASPENSION® shock-absorbing pedestal system

Manufacturers description

SEASPENSION® shock-absorbing pedestal system will provide you with a ride which until now has been virtually impossible to duplicate. SEASPENSION® can be used as a stand-alone solo post, as a dual post bench seat, or as a tripod bolster seat. Our innovative shock-absorbing pedestals are designed to retrofit most boats which currently have conventional rigid posts.

The SEASPENSION® Solo Post are designed to bolt directly to your existing universal slider or spider slider combination. This means you can keep your current hardware and seat. For boaters who have a leaning post or other type of bench seat, we offer independent suspension in each Post (minimum of two required) for the optimum ride. Off-shore, go-fast boaters have the option to install either a sit-down-only, or a drop-down bolster in a tripodal configuration. Go ahead, Sit Down and Enjoy the Ride!

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