Solbian flexible solar panels

Solbian flexible solar panels. If you wondered what the best solar panels on the market are, you need to look at Solbian from Italy.

In the news recently is the ex-Volvo 70 Maserati from Italy. Maserati just obliterated the sailing record from New York to San Francisco and they used Solbian panels to power their equipment.

A sailboat like Maserati cannot use its engine during a record run as that would destroy the object. To power on-board systems and navigation equipment they are allowed to run the engine in neutral to charge batteries. However an engine uses fuel and that has a limited supply and so to supplement the engine, Maserati used solbian solar panels. Solar panels can supply power from the sun without having to carry lots of fuel on-board.

Maserati chose Solbian flexible solar panels as they have the highest rated efficiency at 22.5%. The solar cells are embedded in polymers, specially engineered for durability and long life. They can also be installed on biminis, dodgers, or life lines and Maserati had panels on every space available.

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Flexible, lightweight, walkable, extremely powerful and resistant to the harsh operating marine conditions, with four fixing methods; Solbianflex modules meet the energy needs of the services on board.

Born to work well even in particularly difficult circumstances and under heavy mechanical stresses typical of extreme ocean racing, the photovoltaic module “SOLBIANFLEX” is a true revolution in the field for the high efficiency never achieved by a light and flexible panel and for the outstanding resistance to weather and degrading agents such as thermal shock, fog and salt water, solar radiation and shocks (can be walked). The panel is made of special polymers selected by researchers of CNR, a patented technology

3 types of panel

  • The flexible photovoltaic panels of SL series are made using monocrystalline silicon cells, with an efficiency greater than 18%, incorporated in polymers with high strenght.
  • The photovoltaic panels of SP series are made using SunPower™ monocrystalline cells, with an efficiency greater than 22.5%, incorporated in polymers with high strenght. The SunPower™ cells, thanks to their “backcontact” technology, have a very pleasant aesthetic appearance, furthermore, they make the Solbian panels the most efficient on the market.
  • The flexible solar panels of CP series are made using monocrystalline silicon cells, with an efficiency greater than 18%, incorporated in polymers with high strength.

Solar Panels

Solbian’s panels are made with high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, embedded in advanced polymers with a high resilience, with durable flexibility and light weight – about 1/8 the weight of traditional glass panels.

Available panel sizes include 40, 80, and 125 watts in the CP/SL series with a cell efficiency rating of 17%, and 50 and 100 watt in the SP series with a cell efficiency rating of 22.5%. All are easily installed on a bimini or dodger cover using either zippers or grommets to secure in place or attach to your cabin top. In addition, we offer a light weight polycarbonate twinwall sheet cut to fit the panels, which offers support for life line installations or added benefits of under panel ventilation for hard surface installations without adding bulk and weight.

Pictured is a Beneteau Sense 55 with 2 100 watt Solbian panels getting ready for spring commissioning. These panels are light and easily conform to the curve of this arch. At 100 watts they will contribute amply, sorry for the pun, to the electrical system. These panels can also be sewn into the canvas of a bimini.