Streamlined Dorade

Streamlined Dorade

Streamlined Dorade from Plastimo provides Ventilation in Rough Water without a complicated installation. Dorade vents provide the best ventilation in rough water or heavy rain conditions. Most vents need to be closed, but the Dorade vents with their offset tubes drain out the water and just let in air. The problem with Dorade’s is that they are expensive and complicated to install.

Streamlined Dorade
Streamlined Dorade

Plastimo’s Streamlined Dorade Box uses a slightly different deign. The simple concept uses a cowl on deck and just one single tube. The fitting could be added and provide you great ventilation in just an hour. The Streamlined Dorade vent is equally suitable to allow air in and out.

The entrance to the cowl has a baffle in the middle, which surrounds the tube, letting air in on both sides. As the air moves to the back of the cowl it then flows below through the tube. Any water that does manage to get into the cowl, is drained out via the slots in the cowl.

For water to get below it would have to rise up to the top of the tube. Most of the time water will not be able to do this, but you can close the tube from below if needed.

This dorade being quite small can fit in many areas on deck; $139.95

Streamlined Dorade Box Plastimo comments

Shock and UV resistant polyamide Sits 3.4″ above the deck Can be closed from the inside to revent accidental water intrusion

Streamlined Dorade cross
Streamlined Dorade cross

Supplied with: Dorade body, shut-off system, (85mm) sleeve, white trim ring

Brochure dorade box

Streamlined Dorade Box Installation

Installation of the Dorade is quite simple.

Just one hole needs to be cut through the deck.

The bottom tube which houses the closing/opening mechanism is inserted into the hole. The screw fitting is tightened down over the tube.

The top cowl fitting can now be installed over the tube.