x-craft-x-system. Pounding through waves on a powerboat can take a toll on your body and teeth. The constant jarring is energy draining and takes away from the pleasure of boating.

To help make it more comfortable, there is the new X-Craft X-System, Shock mitigating seat base. X-Crafts new 360 mm high X-System suspension mechanism. The new X-System features a new design but using the same X-Craft shock absorber. X-Craft’s shock absorber offers instant adjustability to spring tension and damping.

You can buy the seat and suspension or just the suspension. X-System: X-Crafts newest suspension system is available for boat owners and builders to add their own seat. It can be used with most existing seat frames.

The video below shows how much shock is absorbed by the X system. The seat in the vide is the C force on to of the X-system base.

X-System Manufacturers description

X-Crafts newest suspension system is now available to boat builders or users who wish to add their own bucket seat. Made from 316 grade stainless steel, the 360mm high base unit incorporates X-Craft’s unique shock absorber that offers instant adjustability to spring tension and damping.

X-Craft is making available their proprietary X-System suspension system to all those who wish to use their own seat and backrest components. Made from 316 grade powder coated stainless steel the X-System incorporates the proven X-Craft shock absorber with its full range of fingertip adjustments to spring tension and damping for all sea conditions. Low profile geometry at 360mm base height, the X-System is popular with RIB Owners. Saltwater resistant with virtually no maintenance required, X-System is available in most colors. Boat builders and discerning boat owners can virtually design their own shock mitigation seats.

X craft seats

Shock mitigation is minimizing the effects of a shock when a boat, navigating at high speeds (>20knots), hits a wave or a series of waves. These effects can cause fatigue and injuries to the boats passengers and crew especially when subjected to prolonged periods of constant impacts. Whilst a well designed and built boat can mostly withstand these shocks caused by these impacts, the passengers and crew experience an uncomfortable ride which reduces physical, cognitive and psychomotor performance and increases the risk of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries.

In today’s modern world there is an increasing requirement for marine craft to operate at high speeds. This may be appealing to leisure users and increase efficiency for commercial and military users but also exacerbates a number of potential problems. Boat users in the leisure as well as military and commercial sectors can all suffer these effects which are collectively defined as Whole Body Vibration (WBV).